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Nov 30, 2006 06:37 AM

Where did the taco cart with bomb al pastor at Vermont and Venice go?

I need some al pastor. I love taco trucks and carts, nut haven't had very good luck lately finding extremely good trucks or any that others have talked about. I usually go late at night around Pico vermont, 3rd, or Olympic and don't see much. My favorite truck lately has been la Tehuana (which isn't saying much. I tried to go a lot earlier today around 7:00 thinking there would be more taco activity but it was equivalent to my 1 in the morning carousings. Help a hound out. I've heard York is a hot spot, but anywhere closer to the Westside that I can count on?

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    1. Ack!! I'm so behind on my East Side Adventure reports... But although it's not the same as the Taco Table on Vermont and Venice (It comes out at Night only, but on my last trip down Vermont a few weeks ago, I didn't see it either), I recently discovered a GREAT Taco TRAILER that parks on Jefferson a bit past La Brea towards Fairfax. It's called Taco Betos. It has the spit working (Sadly electric) and it was the hubcap as well. They also have an amazing selection of Salsas. It will TOTALLY kill your craving and make you believe that GREAT Mexican can be had on the Westside/Mid City...


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        Betos tacos indeed has an al pastor spit. The salsa roja is excellent as well.

        that area is somewhat of a taco hot spot. The Ranch market is just up redondo where 3 taco trucks park and then further up redondo is tacos el tapatio.

        my fav out of all the taco trucks in that area has to be Beto's though.

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          WOW!! I dunno how i missed your post about Betos!! I've been brining home stuff from the East Side all this quarter and it was so great that after the dinner, SO lamented that great Al Pastor was SO far away from us normally... well, when I told him that I had gotten it from basically up the street, he almost ran out the door to get another round... LOL!!

          As always, thanks for the info Bandini, we live along Jefferson and that is our main route into the East Side. On OCCASSION we have gotten on Adams and we have noticed the Ranch Market... I'll be keeping an eye out for those other trucks... :)


      2. i was planning on tasting it before i posted, (but im going to china for a month so it'll have to wait) my friend was saying theres a woman in lafayette park on the soccer half who makes charcoal grilled tacos. apparently they're way bigger than your typical tacos. she'll give you a whole hunk of meat and drizzle some type of bean sauce over it...

        one dollar.

        i believe she sets up shop after 8pm. not sure about weekends but definitely weekdays... just at the steps when you descend into the park...

        1. good stuff. sounds like I will be heading over to Jefferson and Adams. Any Trucks who make their own tortillas? Im sick of goodness in rubber. Thanks for all the help. I hope to become well versed...