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Nov 30, 2006 05:44 AM

JD's Roadhouse - best college town barbecue in the Northeast?

JD's rules all. I reviewed this place for the University of Maryland student paper and it's just gotten better.

Real barbecue cooked by real people whose cashflow is determined mostly by how many people come into that restaurant daily.

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  1. Location, location, location???

    1. It's in what was once the Little Tavern on Rt 1 and I think Knox Road in College Park. It's on the 'Vous side of Rt 1 between the bookstore and Cornerstone Grill ('Vous).


      1. This is *not* real barbeque. In few years that it has been in CP, there has never, ever, ever been even a whiff of smoke around this place. Perhaps not coincidentally, the food tastes as if all the smoke arrived in liquid form. The food is left out for hours under heat lamps.

        Also, frankly, the UM paper is not a reliable source for food reviews.

        1. best barbecue in this area is andy nelson's on york road right before you get to PA. well not quite that far up but the plac ehas a giant pig on the roof and they'll smoke ANYTHING

          1. The original comment has been removed