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Nov 30, 2006 05:30 AM

Looking for a good cake in San Diego

I'm looking for a bakery or dessert place that makes a cake that is:

-Light, but not so much that it doesn't feel like you had anything after a slice.
-Flavorful without being overly sweet--> actually being able to finish off a piece.
-Well balance of flavors, the icing/frosting shouldn't be the main focus.
-Creative!!! I am bored from the same old flavor combos. I want to try something innovative (but still tastes good). Don't get me wrong, I love the traditional flavors and cakes, but there must be more out there!!

Reason being for my is almost my birthday and I don't just want any cake. If I am going to have a cake, I want something spectacular!!! Please, HELP!!!

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    1. There have been quite a few threads on where to find good cakes in San Diego in the last month or so, here's a link to one of the more productive threads

      1. Extraordinary Desserts is where I'd go if I was in your shoes. They have cakes that match your description. We got a birthday cake there for a friend, a lemon custard cake. Simply phenomenal. For some reason they never seem to be serving that as a dine-in option.

        Another option you should consider is Michele Coulon in La Jolla. Her cakes are amazing, and also meet your criteria.

        1. People keep talking about Extraordinary Desserts but both times I've been there (to the one in Hillcrest), I've found them to be far less than extraordinary. Both times I ordered cake, and the cake was kind of firm and almost wet, not spongy and moist like cake should be. Maybe its different if you order a whole cake, I don't know. But for the amount they charge and having to deal with all the crowds late at night I was extremely disappointed.

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            You are describing the difference between american and european style cake. Extraordinary Desserts is european style where you want to have a firm cake and nothing spongy like you normally get here in the US.