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Nov 30, 2006 05:20 AM

Tres Leches Cake

Got a hungering for tres leches cake. Is there any available in Portland? And where is the best place to get some?

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  1. If anyone knows a place to get great tres leches in Seattle, too, let me know! I had a life-changing tres leches experience at a restaurant called Churrasco in Houston once years ago and I've been looking for its equal ever since.

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    1. re: ethanlowry

      Salvadorean Bakery in White Center.

      Salvadorean Bakery
      1719 SW Roxbury St
      Seattle, WA 98106

      Fantastic in general, too. It's wonderful for brunch, but it's very very slow, so order pastries to nibble on while you wait for delicious pupusas.

      1. re: dnamj

        Thanks! I'll have to check it out.

        1. re: ethanlowry

          I highly recommend it! Have fun!

          1. re: dnamj

            A local pan-ethnic grocery (Star produce, near the Lynnwood, Trader Joe's) has Tres Leches pastel from Panaderia El Angel in Arlington WA. It was good, and seemed to match the recipes I've read. However, this was the first time I had this cake, I can't compare it to others.


          2. re: ethanlowry

            I saw it on the menu the other day at Senor Moose Cafe (5242 Leary Ave. NW in Ballard). I didn't order it, so can't vouch for the life-changing quality, but I've never had anything less than great food there (my Huevos con Machaca breakfast that day was amazing!)

          3. I know that Pambiche in Portland normally has it. It's not my favorite (and I'm usually too full after dinner there to order dessert anyway), so I don't know whether it's any good or not. They generally do a good job with desserts there, though.

            1. South of Portland in Woodburn and Salem, really good tres leche cake is available at Salvador's.

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              1. re: SarahT2

                Is Salvador's in Woodburn or in Salem?

                1. re: FoodGroupie

                  The original Salvador's is in Woodburn. There is a second location now in Salem. Salvador's is a Mexican bakery (many Mexican pastries for sale in addition to tres leches cake). The one in Salem also has a small restaurant counter and a large butcher counter.

                  1. re: SarahT2

                    Thanks for letting me know. I'll look for it.

                    1. re: SarahT2

                      where in salem is Salvadors?? And TJ Tacqueria on Winter..what is the cross street? Thanks

                      1. re: Joni

                        The Salem Salvador's is at 3790 Silverton Road. If you are heading east it is just before you get to Lancaster on your right in a little strip next to a barbershop. It's JR's on Winter (not TJ's) and it is really on Fairgrounds (intersection of Fairgrounds and Winter). These two places have the most authentic Mexican food in Salem!

                2. I've had the tres leches at Pambiche in Portland, and it is good. All of their cakes are really good, it just depends what your preferences are and what you are in the mood for.

                  1. Taqueria Nueve makes a very good tres leches. Best I've had in Portland.