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Nov 30, 2006 05:16 AM


Do you guys have any suggestions of good, interesting places to have a wedding with 80-100 people? I'm in NY, and it's a little hard to find anything other than the expensive/most used options on the web. I'm looking for something a little more industrial/exposed brick and beam than wallpaper and velvet curtains. We're planning on having a Cajun band with dancing, so I'd like Cajun food, but I'd still like something with a little class. Really good food and good wine are a priority for me...but we are on a budget. It doesn't have to be in the French Quarter. Any ideas?

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  1. Try The Foundry in the Warehouse District. It's a catering hall/rental space run by Chef Horst Pfeiffer, formerly of Bella Luna. It seems to fit the bill. It reminds me of the original Tipitina's in a way and would be convenient to the downtown hotels.

    1. Thanks so much for responding, Whatisagrit. I was really interested in The Foundry, but when I started to correspond with them it seemed like they had a crazily high food and drink minumum that wasn't clear from their website...I'll have to double check on that to make sure.

      Has anyone been to THE RED MAPLE RESTAURANT in Gretna recently? The banquet room and courtyard seem like they might work, but I've read mixed reviews of their food so far. Is it really out of the way?

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        The Red Maple is across the river on the West Bank, and pretty inaccessible without cars.

        Check out Rosie's Jazz Hall, my brother-in-law just had his reception there. Perfect size for your number, great food, and they had Sunpie Barnes as their band. He puts on a good show.

        Anybody know what's up with the old Eiffel Tower restaurant on St. Charles? Formerly the Red Room? Now an appalling shade of chartreuse? That place has such potential.

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          I believe the cooking school next door uses the former Red Room for receptions.

      2. If you want Cajun food you should go to Cajun country, Lafayette, New Iberia,or,Rip Van Winkle Gardens on Jefferson Island with a beautiful setting and last I knew they did weddings and had catering suggestions.Also several Bed and Breakfast accommodations on the property. Just a thought!

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          I think that a lot of outsiders just assume that New Orleans cooking is "cajun." So perhaps the OP is really looking for indigenous New Orleans food, and not really cajun food. Of couse I could be wrong, and perhaps the OP knows exactly what s/he's looking for.

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            You are absolutely right Blumie. I have learned the distinction, but I beleve what you say is true. Well Lets suggest something in or near the FQ. Lord knows they need the business. Palace Cafe, Bourbon House, Cafe Giovanni, chef Duke is willing to work with anyone on a budget., Broussards, Antoione's.

        2. Call the River Parishes Tourist Commission (toll free 866-204-7782)They have information on all the places between New Orleans and Baton Rouge along the River Road, including a lot of the old plantations like Oak Alley, St. Joseph, Destrehan, etc., that might be available for private parties. All are within an hour's drive of NOLA. They would know of restaurants as well. Chef John Folse has a dairy in Gonzales but I'm not sure if he has opened another restaurant.

          1. Amelie's in the 900 block of Royal is beautiful. It depends when the wedding is as this is a big courtyard on the street with a restaurant in the back of the courtyard. The bride can show up in a carriage to the gates and a band can be off to the side of the courtyard. It is directly across the street from the Cornstalk Fence Hotel and in the evening and night the view is lit by gas lanterns. They have a good restaurant and will probably do any food you want and they also have music on the weekends so they should know a Cajun band. It is in the heart of the Quarter and there are numerous hotels around so no one has to drive. I have been to two very unique weddings there. I think they still have a big room adjoining, so if the weather is bad you can move inside. Real French Quarter local place. Talk to Danny the manager.

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              Beautiful courtyard! It was mine when I lived in the building years ago. My apartment was the ballroom of that old Creole mansion and I loved my balcony on Royal Street. I had some great parties in that courtyard with other tenants.

              Ichiban, ask them to send you some photos. It is really the classic, perfect New Orleans patio. So much so that it was featured in many tourist brochures.
              We had dancing out there but for Cajun dancing you might need more room since the garden is a series of parterres.
              I was just there last month to show my daughters where I used to live and it is still very lovely. Didn't eat at the restaurant so I don't know how the food is.