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Nov 30, 2006 04:16 AM

Desi Deli (cious)

Wandered into Desi Deli today, expecting the usual steam-table of unispired Indo-Pak fast food. I'm a sucker for these places, even if they're never all that great, because they allure me with the promise of potential greatness, e.g. Cuisine of Pakistan on 9th at 38th, Haandi on Lexington at 27th, and the famous and blah Pakistan Tea House on Church.

Desi Deli, on the other hand - at least based on my one visit - is turning out truly delicious food. First of all, I think this place is properly Indian, rather than Pakistani or Bangladeshi (correct me if I'm wrong). I had four vegetarian entrees with/over basmati. Chick peas were soulfully delicious, eggplant with green peas was unusual and unusually good, malai kofta was flat-out the best I've ever had. Even the salad was edible and fresh, unlike the usual steam-table salad which I discard. One slight dissapointment was the saag, which was over-pureed into a drinkable and lackluster sauce. Still, it served an important function as flavor and color foil to the other dishes.

Seating is reasonably comfortable, the telly is playing ubiquitous Indian music-dance, and there's a bowl of fiery green chilis on every table. YES!

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  1. where is this place? is it literally a deli, like indo-pak on 2nd st. and 2nd ave?

    and also, agree w/ you on the blahness of pakistani tea house, and even lahore just below houston on crosby.

    1. Skilllet Licker, I agree. We live close enough to stop by regularly, and you lucked into the best dish there-- the kofta.

      bigjeff, it's at 49th and 10th Avenue in Hell's Kitchen.



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        thanks! I might check it out; good to know for that area . . . I can add it to tehuitzingo for random cheap food to go . . .

        and now that I think about it, I might have even bought a samosa or two from there, is it very narrow, on the east side of 10th avenue and relatively new, say, 2 or 3 years old?