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Nov 30, 2006 03:22 AM

Good source or unglazed stoneware/earthenware pot (with lid)?

I'm looking for an *unglazed* clay, earthenware, or stoneware bowl or small pot, perferably with a lid, to make our homemade yogurt in. Unglazed containers are best for getting the right consistency in the yogurt, and I'm having a devil of a time finding the right vessel. Ideally, I'd love something made from the kind of stoneware The Pampered Chef sells . They used to have the perfect bowl, ages ago, but have long since discontinued it. I'm looking for something that holds anywhere from 4-8 cups volume.

I've looked into South American ceramic bakers like Tierra Negra and Pomaireware . Romertopf or Henry Watson would be great options, but are too big.

I could probably go without a lid if the vessel were a pretty standard round size, and I could just sub one of my spare pot lids. Obviously it's important that whatever vessel I choose is food safe (lead free and cadmium free).

So, wise wise chowhounds... any ideas?

many thanks!

(edit: d'oh! spelling error in the topic title -- i hate it when i do that!)

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    1. Pomaireware is THE way to go. I've cooked in clay pots from Mexico for years but their glazes contain lead and when new leave lead floating on top of food. Ask my friends about "silver beans" I'd made for a fiesta. (After cooking them for hours I had to throw them out so as not to poison my pals). I doubt it would be a problem with frozen foods but I wouldn't trust them. Pomaireware is the best!

      1. Bajalover: THANKS! This has been an ongoing search for me. I had looked at Pomaireware early on, but didn't have any real info on whether it was good or not. We ended up buying a piece of the Terra Negra cookware from Crate and Barrel, and it has been pretty good until recently, but...

        So, the primary use for this covered dish is for making homemade yogurt. Unglazed pottery/stoneware is excellent for this because the excess moisture is drawn out of the yogurt by the clay, and the yogurt becomes extra thick and creamy (even if made with skim milk). Anyhow, we'd been using the C&B bowl, and it had been doing GREAT. And then the other day I noticed the finish on the outside of the bowl was kind of bubbling and flaking off. It isn't inhibiting the function of the bowl, just the aesthetics, but still. (And it does go to show that the clay is doing its job wicking away the liquid!) Even so. Pomaireware, eh? I just bought a piece online and I'm excited to give it a whirl.

        Thanks again for the post!

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          Hey Litchick,
          Glad the post was helpful. Just rec'd a covered roaster from 'cooking enthusiast' . com. It's the bomb. Cooking a chick in it 2-nite. Check out their website for other pieces. Also look at and I'm addicted & the UPS man is wondering what the H is up with the frequent deliveries, the neighbors are starting to talk!!

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            Hi Litchick,
            Did you ever order a claypot from Pomaireware, I want to start making homemade yogurt. Did you have to season your pot in anyway, what size did you purchase, are you happy with it.
            I would love to hear from you, any comments tips would be very grateful.

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              Hi itsallaboutfood. Well, the quest continues. I hadn't seen the updates on this thread for a while, and since I last posted, I returned the Terra Negra bowl to C&B. The finish on the outside continued to flake, and the inside began to kind of wear away, showing up as black grains in the yogurt itself. We decided it was probably unwise to keep using it, so back it went. I *did* end up buying a pomaireware bean pot -- the smallest I could find was too large, though, for yogurt. However, as a bean pot, it rocks, and I have really enjoyed doing full-out Boston Baked Beans. The clay is really perfect for bean cooking.

              Still, though, I search for the best porous yogurt vessel. Stupid Pampered Chef -- they used to make the perfect stoneware bowl for yogurt (I covet my sister-in-law's), but they haven't made it now for years. I'm about to check out the oyamake stuff listed in kansai_mike's post!

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                Have you looked on Ebay for this Pampered Chef bowl?

            2. Hi litchik. Sorry I didn't get to this thread earlier. For those who are need of anything related to stoneware, we probably have what you are looking for. Stop by our online store or simply send us an email with what you are looking for and we'll find it.

              Hope the yogurt turned out well. I'll have to try your method out.

              Mike McKay

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