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Nov 30, 2006 02:58 AM

Amuses/Appetizers for Wine and Cheese Party?

I'm having folks over for an evening of wine and cheese so that I can share some red wines that I recently picked up on a tour of wineries in upstate NY (mostly merlot/syrah/cabernet). I'm set for the cheeses, but I would very much appreciate any suggestions for some amuses bouches or light appetizers that I can serve in addition to the cheese. No meat, but anything else would be great. I'm already planning on setting out some toasted nuts and dried fruit in addition to cheese, bread, and crackers. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Meat-free with red wine to me often means mushrooms. Try some braised wild mushrooms served over crostini. Maybe some truffle oil for good measure?

    1. A couple of bruchetta or tapenades would be good too. I usually make a traditional bruchetta with tomatoes, basil, olive oil, salt and pepper. And a tapenade of olives or artichoke hearts (you can buyt decent ones at Trader Joes, but they're really easy to make).

      Definitely do something with mushrooms too if you're serving red wine.

      And don't leave out the quince paste or spread on the cheese platter.

      1. Don't forget something chocolate...goes quite often with reds...and if you want to splurge go out and get some port, goes so well with blue veined cheese and chocolate!!!

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          Yes. Port and chocolate is like Fred and Ginger.

        2. What about stuffed dates (with blue cheese, bacon, etc.) Cheese sables would be divine. Someone posted recently the Savoy Hotel's recipe for their high tea cheese sable (made with parmesan). We made them last weekend to great acclaim.

          Sounds like a lovely evening!