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Nov 30, 2006 02:41 AM

Food Basket Ideas for New Parents?

My friends just had a baby and my friends and I were considering sending them flowers, however I think we should send them a food basket, but have no idea of what. Any ideas?

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  1. Gads, I'm displaying my Midwestern roots, but some sort of casserole (that could be frozen if not used immediately) is nice.

    If no freezer, think about some convenience things from Whole Fods or Trader Joe's. I'm not a regular shopper at these places, so others could give you more specific recommendations.

    Still, having been there(new-mom-wise), food is better than flowers. You might even bring yourself, a few sandwiches, and a willingness to listen to new-parent-ness.

    1. A food basket is a pretty idea, but not terribly practical. With a new baby, you want to have food there - real food - when you have a moment to yourself. I've always cooked, fixing things like lasagna, soups, and even hoagies. Once we had a giant (six-foot) sub sent to a couple who'd just had twins. They took a week to eat it, but they ate it!

      We've also made arrangements for gift certificates at local restaurants that deliver, and there is always just calling and having asking the new parents if they feel like a pizza, Chinese, whatever we can call in and have delivered.

      You're so right - food always trumps flowers. Flowers are from family, food is from friends (who are family).

      1. I love to cook for new parents, but many of my staple ingredients (namely garlic and onions) can upset a breast-feeding baby's stomach. Broccoli, cabbage, etc. can also be especially irritating.

        I've given new moms mild chicken enchiladas (sans added onions and garlic), fresh pasta with a mild sauce, and, in some cases, cheesecake or fresh-baked bread.

        1. I loved getting food gifts or restaurant gift certicates to places that DELIVERED or were Take out when my kids were born. Also, a place like Omaha steaks-- fresh meat, prepared sides, etc may work. Much better than flowers.

          1. Echoing others....supermarket gift certificates/gift cards. They can get staples, rotisserie chicken, diapers, whatever...

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              Great ideas guys, thanks!

              Any ideas on food baskets you can get online (i.e., omaha mentioned above).. are there any baby food ideas? that would be cute!