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Nov 30, 2006 02:18 AM

Unexpected visit to Brantford - Please Help

Hello Everyone,
My Wife, our dog and I are making an unexpected 3 night trip to Brantford this weekend. Do we have any chance of finding a good place to eat. We will likely take food for lunch but how about dinner?

Thanks for helping.

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  1. -Lunch NO Brainer Back Bacon Cheeseburger from San Franos next to KFC
    -Dinner Hmmmm? that I have to think about.....1....2....3...sorry nadda one place I can reccomend. Devlins is a nice drive but if you are from a major city you will find the food geriatric. If you want something special You could make the drive to cambridge. I used to make the commute to langdon hall daily. Otherwise you might be SOL sorry

    1. If you like BBQ I highly recommend Camp 31 in Paris. It is only 10 minutes down the highway road from Wayne Gretzky Parkway. The ribs, pulled pork and brisket are all excellent as are the sides of beans, corn bread, sweet potatoes and reg fries.

      1. I have heard of Camp 31. However, I do not eat pork. Is the beef brisket or ribs worth a visit?

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          They dont have beef ribs. Yes the beef brisket is smoked and tangy and excellent to my taste, but it isn't my favourite thing to order there. I would say it is worth a visit if you are also interested to enjoy some great home-cooked baked beans and corn bread. I normally order the pork ribs and love them. I have never ordered the bbq chicken there because I believe it is a very safe assumption that it will be overdone and dry. Also if you go and feel like trying the smoked wings, be ready to receive deep fried wings instead. When they run out of smoked bbq wings they just toss some crappy ones in the fryer and pawn them off.

          Perhaps others on the board can comment more specifically on the beef brisket.

          1. re: deelicious

            I was not impressed with the bbq chicken.