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Nov 30, 2006 02:03 AM

Triumphal Palace Dinner Report

Saw a lot of recent dim sum reports, but not much for dinner, so I thought I'd post about a recent meal...

I've been for dinner before, but months ago, and a number of things surprised. Namely, how empty the dining room was on a Saturday night, and the mysterious disappearance of many of the better known dishes from the menu (the quail, the lamb chops!) In fact, almost every recommendation on my list (culled from Chowhound, of course) was nowhere to be found (I was looking for oxtail in XO sauce and crab-stuffed tofu soup). Or they were unavailable that night (as in the case of the squab and the crab-fried rice).

We were still able to order the lamb chops off-menu, and they were as delicious as ever. The pork belly was also as good as I'd remembered. However, the 8-treasure duck was a grey, bland, $42, ordered-one-day-in-advance disappointment ("It tastes... healthy", said my mom). The only good thing that can be said for it is that its total lack of seasoning helped absorb the salt bombs that passed for garlic eggplant and clams with black bean sauce. The fried rice (with egg white and dried scallop - forget what they called it) was tasty but greasy.

So - LA Hounds - what happened?

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