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Nov 30, 2006 01:45 AM

Closest good/authentic chinese food and dim sum to Everett WA?

Please don't say Seattle :)
By Chinese, I'm talking about Szechuan, Hunan, or Cantonese style lunch/dinner places, dim sum, noodles, dumplings, xlb if they are around, and so on.

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  1. How about half way to Seattle? T&T Seafood in the 99 Ranch mall in Edmonds (Hwy 99). For something less formal, try the deli in grocery store next door.


    1. Noble Court Restaurant
      1644 140th Ave NE (Cross Street: Bel Red Road)
      Bellevue, WA 98005
      (425) 641-6011

      Oddly good for a way white town.

      1. i'm usually not big on buffets, but super china buffet in north seattle (shoreline) is a great deal and has some truly delicious food. i have to say their sesame dumplings get me everytime.

        1. In Everett, there are no dim sum places that I know of... the one place is now closed.

          Places that I've found to be consistent in Everett
          Janbo Restaurant (Everett Mall Way two blocks South,past the Target)
          Hunan Palace (North Everett, Pine and Pacific across the street from Denny's)
          Peking Duck on Evergreen about 2 or 3 block North of Madison
          China Doll on Broadway across the street from the Events Center.

          The thing about the chinese restaurants up here is they tend to tone it down a bit. I would say Hunan Palace and Janbo probably are more "authentic" while China Doll is more like a 70's style Cantonese restaurant - celery, onions and bean sprouts. I like them all and I guess it just depends upon my mood on which I go to.

          Other choices...
          Former Than Brother place is still good (Everett Mall and 7th... in the back behind the gas station) From what I've heard, a relative bought the place from Than Bros.

          Janbo Cafe on Evergreen just a block North of Peking Duck

          Two Fish on Hwy 99 2 blocks North of the Hwy 525 ramps... sort of in the back. The place is inexpensive and good. Korean owned with a Korean and Japanese menu.

          Tokyo House on Everett Mall Wy across the street from Target. A good place. I go there to get my Japanese curry fix.

          I hope this helps.

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