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Nov 30, 2006 01:37 AM

Food ideas for a paperplate Christmas

We are going the easy route for a weeknight holiday party with family (about 15 people). I want to serve something more substantial than appetizers and desserts. Any ideas for an easy meal with little cleanup? (I have to work that day).

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  1. Can you go to Sam's or someplace that has that clear plastic scrollware? No matter what you serve it won't collapse in someones lap and you can decide if you want to run it through the dw or pitch. As a Realtor we often hold "Broker Opens" opens trying to get the other Realtors to come see our listings before the public sees them. Feeding them is a way to get them to come take a look. Sometimes I pitch the scrollware and sometimes it goes into the trash but none ends up in someone's lap wrecking a suit. Cheap enough and easy. We also use it for a charity event I co-chair. Lots of chefs, lots of chcoclate and hors d'ouvres. No floppy plates

    1. Most years during the holidays, I do a Plain Food Supper because everyone is weary of party food. No ham, turkey, pot-luck whatever. Forget the Christmas-themed stuff.
      One year it was warm enough to fire up the grill for burgers and I threw frozen fries in the oven. Green salad. Another year, meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans and green salad. Spaghetti with prepared sauce and frozen meatballs. Green salad. Ice cream and Oreos for dessert. Fresh fruit.
      Milk for the kids, beer and wine for the grown-ups.
      Everyone gives their tummies a rest from the excess. Oh! And gets a green salad and fresh fruit. All the food is easy and inexpensive. All familiar crowd-pleasers.

      1. Stuffed shells (that you make, or that you buy?) A tray of ziti, sweet italian sausage and meatballs? Chicken wings (your own, or chinese takeout?)Pierogis or stuffed cabbage rolls? A big salad? Also...definitely use disposable but REALLY sturdy plates, esp if you'd like to serve substantial (i.e, heavier than potato chips!) or hot foods.