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Nov 30, 2006 01:24 AM

b'day dinners with inlaws

inlaws want to take me out to celebrate my 32nd this weekend. they have suggested l'Europe or La Cremaillere, but are waiting for my decision. any thoughts on either of those, or anywhere more highly recommended? thanks!

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  1. where in the tristate area are you referring to?

    1. us and parents-in-laws are in new canaan, sister-in-laws family in larchmont, so anywhere realistic for all parties.

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      1. re: gingersnap

        Valbella's in Greenwich would be my choice if someone else is paying.

      2. i guess i am also asking, what are peoples thoughts on l'europe and la cremaillere?

        1. I haven't been to L'Europe but used to go to La Cremailleire years ago. They had an escargot and pasta appetizer that was to die for (yes! just checked their website, they still have it - trust me, get it!).

          Their service was impeccable, their food delicious, and the place itself was beautiful.

          If they haven't changed, I recommend them by all means.

          Best part is, they weren't snooty like La Panetiere.

          Oh, and The Arch was another recently visited gem for French food. Simply delightful.

          But if you want to try La Cremailleire, by all means, I recommend it.