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Nov 30, 2006 12:46 AM

Bathurst and Bloor- Where is Markham Street? Restaurants?

I'm meeting somebody for dinner tomorrow and we're going for dinner near bathurst and bloor. Another friend said that Central was good but it just opened- has anybody ever been there? Where is Markham street and what other restaurants are good?

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  1. markham street is the first street west of bathurst. right beside honest ed's. southern accent's pretty good, and it's right on markham street.

    1. I've been to the Central! They had really great food actually and were really well priced. Southern Accent is also really good but a little pricey for the area. A very neat street with great shops and restaurants. Definately check out Central though.

      Happy dining.

      1. The Victory Cafe on Markham serves up some really tasty comfort food. The burgers and mac n'cheese are delicious. Nice selection of beer on tap, too.

        1. Victory is always great- their patio is great in the summer...if you can ever get somebody to serve you! If the food wasn't so good they wouldn't stay in business.

          1. If you want to eat on a budget at Southern Accent, you can't go wrong with the calamari. (Assuming you like calamari.) A huge plate of very fresh, very crisply fried calamari with an excellent tart hot sauce --maybe with some tamarind in it?-- on the side. Throw in a bourbon sour and you're laughing.