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Slow's BBQ - Detroit (long)

In the interest of getting more about Detroit on here, here is the first of what are hopefully many reviews of local places.

I’ve been looking for good bar-b-que since I left Memphis nearly 10 years ago. I’ve found lots of places to eat, but few places that do it well. Most is edible, but little makes me want to go back again. I guess most people haven’t been to a real BBQ place and are happy to make Famous Dave’s successful and many other small places too. I’d heard about Slow’s online and convinced my wife it would be a good trip to make. It was about 30-35 minutes from our house, and my first time driving the route....

First Impressions: My first time in the old Tiger Stadium area, and while it looked a little run-down it definitely wasn’t what people had led me to believe. I wish that place were still open, I keep hearing about seeing a ballgame there. They offer valet parking (at $7), but we parked across 14th Street in an empty lot. Our car was still there when we left.

You walk into Slow’s through a big wooden door that doesn’t give much of an idea of what to expect. We walked into a modern looking place, light wood everywhere and a very inviting bar. We left our names and were told there would be about a 45 minute wait. I thought, no problem, they have a huge list of bourbons and beers that I want to taste.

We ordered 2 drinks, one Booker’s that was a great pour and more than I expected and a Capitan/Diet. Booker's is pretty smooth for what it is, but still has a nice bite and flavor, moreso than Baker's. Not an everyday Bourbon, but a perfect drink. Soon after we found seats at the bar and decided to order an appetizer.

BBQ Wings: 4 good sized real wings that were covered in spices and had a great smoky taste to them. They had been finished on the grill to give them a good char and that grilled flavor. It was a good sized appetizer, probably comparable to 10 wings in another bar, and it let us taste the sauces for the first time. My wife preferred the Spicy Sauce, I liked the Spicy+Sweet combination with the Wings. The mustard sauce was good, but not for the wings, same with the Apple BBQ.

After the appetizer, we decided that we might as well eat at the bar since we were comfortable. My wife as ordered a Martini, which she said was very well made. (More on Martini’s later about other places)

Another side note: Chairs with backs are great for actually sitting at the bar and eating. These barstools were great.

Texas Style Beef Brisket: I’ve always found brisket to be incredibly difficult to do. I’m always disappointed in how it comes out and usually need to cover it in sauce to make it edible. This was not the case at Slow’s. The meat was tender and smoky, and didn’t need any sauce to be good. It was even better with a bit of sauce and as leftovers the next day. The size of the portion was great, probably nearly a pound of meat on the plate. I thought the sweet sauce went really well with this and the mustard sauce also. The spicy was a bit much for the brisket.

Chicken Strut: My wife was convinced by the Wings to order the chicken, and was not disappointed. It was different from the wings, but still very good. It had a great smoky flavor and went really well with all of the sauces. The meat was flavorful and still juicy, really a perfectly done bird. It was a big half-chicken, and we still only had a little bit left to take home.

Mac-n-Cheese: Great side dish, very creamy and heavy, but with good flavor and comes in a nice baked style. Crispy top, clearly something that is at least finished to order.
Beans: overly sweet to me, although some people really like the brown sugar, I prefer less.
Waffle Fries: very crispy fries and had good flavor, not really hot, but that didn’t matter as we finished them
Cornbread: good cornbread, a nice sized slice, but nothing exceptional with it

Overall, a great experience in Detroit. If you’re looking for good bar-b-que, as I know many people are, this place is worth the trip. Still more bourbons and beers left on the list for me to taste, and with that BBQ, I know that I’ll be back for more.

Slow’s Bar-B-Que
PHONE: 313-962-9828
At the corner of Michigan Ave and 14th Street

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  1. Ha! I always sit at the bar when I go there, too. Shows you how little things like good ergonomics can put the finishing touches on a place.

    Anyone wondering about lighter meals can rest assured that this place has some great sandwiches along with the big BBQ plates. The neighborhood down there is on the way up, with good communication between residents and police--don't walk down the street swinging jewelry in the air, but the restaurant is on a major, well-traveled avenue and really does not feel unsafe.

    1. Great review, wonderin.

      1. good review. i really like the place.

        check out lazybones in roseville. it's a carryout place but their bbq is good.


        1. Thanks for the review. I've been looking forward to getting down there, but it is quite a hike for me, and it really isn't in the best part of town. Then again, neither is Scotty Simpson's Fish and Chips, and I go there all the time!

          I've been wanting some good 'cue for quite some time. Time to make the trip.

          1. Wonderin, thank you again for the review! I was there last night with four friends, all of us trying the place for the first time. Color us impressed.

            Having made a reservation for six of us at 5:45PM, we showed up on-time, minus one person we thought would be coming with. It wasn't a problem, as the *really* heavy traffic hadn't started coming in yet. They sat the five of us immediately at one of the few (if not the only) circular tables in the place. Everything was clean and inviting. When we got to the table, there were only two bottles (out of the normal six) of BBQ sauce there, which was quickly corrected. Our server, Nancy, was not only hospitable, but was knowledgable about the menu items, and did her job with gusto. We never felt neglected.

            The smoke factor was negligable, even though we were seated just a few feet away from the bar (which pretty much applies to every table in the place). They must have some ultra-high-powered (yet deadly silent) smoke filtering system, because I really only smelled smoke once while I was there, and it really didn't bother me. I'm pretty smoke-sensitive, and being seated so close to the bar did worry me, but it wasn't anything of consequence. The bar was almost always completely full, and when we ended up leaving, there was a good wait for table *and* the bar area. The word is, apparently, getting around.

            We started out with drinks (a surprisingly inexpensive DiSorrono sour for me was only $5, and was quite well-made), and two of my friends had a "Dead Guy" beer, which they said was pretty good. There's no "ordinary" beer at the place, so if you're the Miller Lite-type, you're going to be forced into a much-needed adventure trying some of their 21 unique beers. Nancy even offered to give another friend a sample of one to try when my friend asked if they had St. Pauly Girl. This was a subtle, yet appreciated, touch. Points scored for service, and not just for this. Service was great the whole night.

            We also went with the Split Pea and Okra Fritter appetizer, which was a hit all around the table. It sounded intriguing, and Nancy said that it was, by far, their best appetizer (and I've always been turned off by "typical" appetizers such as wings, potato skins, and the like). The deep-fried fritter was very nicely prepared, topped with dill pickles, and everything was atop what they describe as their "sassy sauce," which isn't in any of the six bottles you'll find on the table. This appetizer bode well for the food to come, as impressive as it was. It even looked pretty! As a note of caution: one fritter among five people isn't really enough. Two, however, would be adequate, if everybody's chipping in and splitting things.

            Almost everyone ordered something different, and we were all trying various different side dishes with our various entrees. I had the "You Choose" with a half slab of ribs and pulled pork, and chose the cole slaw and Mom's green beans for my sides. While everything was very good, my half slab was off the end of the slab, and the first several ribs were too dry to enjoy, but the other side was good. When I mentioned this, Nancy got her manager to ask me what else I would like instead, and having sampled my friend's fried catfish with remoulade, I asked for a piece of that, with the remoulade. Anyone who goes to this place and gets the catfish will *not* be disappointed, I'll say that! I literally ate every single piece of food I was served. The Mom's green beans were great, as was the cole slaw and the pulled pork. The various sauces allow you to try a great deal of differing tastes, and I steered clear of the vinegar-based NC sauce, which I knew I wouldn't like. Everyone was in agreement: this food rocked!

            Dessert was also good, though choices are limited to three: a peach/raspberry cobbler a la mode, some kind of Oreo fudge pie (which, when I remarked that it sounded like a "typical dessert at TGIFriday's, I was told that I was *completely* wrong, and that they're all made in-house, which made it more tempting), and banana pudding. I split the cobbler with a friend, which was plenty for two, and we thought it was quite good. The only thing I think could have improved it would have been if the peaches were fresh instead of canned. Alas, it's the wrong time of year for fresh peaches, and it was quite good all the same. Another friend had the banana pudding, which was a hit. I tried it, but having never truly appreciated banana-based desserts, it didn't do much for me. Everyone else who tried it was impressed, though.

            Overall, I was impressed and relieved. Impressed with the experience, the quality of the food, and the service (including the aforementioned manager, who was decidedly down-to-earth and friendly). Relieved in that I had picked this place as a new joint for all five of us to experience for the first time, and it exceeded all of our expectations.

            Detroit-area folks, it's time to hurry up and get to Slows! All of us left with smiles on our faces, knowing full well we'd be back.

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            1. re: boagman

              I've eaten there a couple of times. Both times I had very good service and the meals are good portions and very tasty. My only complaint, the food comes way to fast. I like to sit and relax between courses but no time. I guess it's so they can serve many people a night with the limited tables. I would suggest you eat here at least once. You will retun. The apple BBQ sauce is my fav. The area is not bad at all, Nothing to worry about. Just enjoy. Happy eating.

              1. re: vam

                Yep. I've been back several (6? 7?) times, and I've enjoyed the food every time I've been there. I was there this past Friday, and I see what you mean about the food arriving too fast...actually, I'd say that it arrived "timed wrong," in that our appetizer (that wonderful fritter again) arrived *with* our entrees, which was a bit off-putting. Still, all the food was great.

                And I, too, enjoy the apple BBQ sauce best. It really does wonders.

                Anyone who hasn't tried this place yet should, and if you want to avoid very long waits (we ate at the bar on Friday to avoid the 90 minute table wait), go on a weekday. You won't be sorry.

                1. re: boagman

                  Yeah, I'll second that. If you take the afternoon off and hit a museum or sporting event, this makes a great place to do a late lunch at 1:30 or 2. You can really relax and try a bunch of dishes and drinks.

                  That fritter, I think, is made fresh every time. I'll take it whenever they want to bring it out.

            2. Sorry, but I tried twice and I really wanted Slow's to be good, but I won't go back. Both times the service was poor and the wait was long. The food was just OK. In two visits we had a variety of things, none of which were as good as what you can get at Famous Dave's. If you can't beat a chain, you aren't doing something right. And I will tell you, the brisket was mostly fat. Too bad. It is a cool looking place and seems to have the business. I wish it could deliver.

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              1. re: ratitidinenow

                Okay, I'm willing to spot that the service can be slow-to-downright-bad sometimes (though I've also had service that was very good). I'm also willing to spot that the wait can be mind-bogglingly, patience-testingly long. I can even spot some folks' discomfort with the neighborhood that Slow's is in.


                I mean, dear heaven above, are you *serious*? I can admit that I've had an occasional miss when I've been at Slow's, but even on the days that I've had Slow's misses, even *those* food items soundly trump *anything* that Famous Dave's has ever served to me. About the nicest, kindest word I can use to describe the food at Famous Dave's is "edible." That was a low, low blow. If you're a foodie, you know that you're just using hyperbole now.

                And hey: if your brisket is mostly fat, speak up! They'll make it right!

                I'm the first in line to say that Slow's isn't perfect. Sign me *right* the heck up for that list. That being said, saying that Famous Dave's serves better food is just an atrocity to palates everywhere. That, my friends, just isn't true in this world, or even in Bizarro World.


                1. re: boagman

                  dinenow: I've had similarly bad experiences of late at Slow's, and felt especially bad when my parents picked Slow's for their anniversary dinner last month, and it was, in a word, bad.

                  boagman: I agree with you that Slow's isn't perfect. You say that the best you can say about Famous Dave's is that it's "edible," and that's more than I can say for our most recent Slow's visit. At least Famous Dave's is consistent, edible, and consistently edible.

                  Everything we ordered was cold. (And plug your ears or cover your eyes or just shut this down, because I'm about to get complain-y). Aside from everything being cold, there were derivations in the dishes I've grown to love there. I usually get the surf and turf, as I love both brisket and catfish, and fell in love with both the first time I was there. It also comes with jambalaya. I, without fail, get sides of green beans and black eyed peas, because my husband gets the non-veg items, and then I can snack from his sides. EVERYTHING was cold, except for the brisket (which I'd eat cold anyway), and the macaroni and cheese, which we had to remind our server we'd ordered. (My husband also got the waffle fries with cheese, but what's to comment on in a place not know for them? They should really not be charging extra for the 1/4 teaspoon of Whiz.)
                  My green beans were disgusting, with some overpowering horse-radishy sauce; while I really like horseradish, I like to know if that's what I'm getting, and if they're going to being cold a la hoity-toity summer picnic salad. I wanted my beans with bacon, garlic, and hot.

                  The catfish and jambalaya were the biggest disppointments. The filet was teeny-tiny, nothing like what I'd received before. And I think they do a fantastic job with catfish when it's hot and served with a little care. The jambalaya had a few pieces of chicken, one quarter of one little round of andouille, and that was that.

                  Yes, I realize we should have said something, and I did write a kind letter to them, but our waiter was so rushed and seemed annoyed by having to serve us--GASP! corn bread because they were out of sweet potatoes--it just wasn't worth spoiling my parents anniversary. The company was good, and we had fun despite the food.

                  My dad is the only "dessert" guy in our group, and will eat anything, as was evidenced by his finishing whatever the cobbler was (I had a bite, and it was not impressive).

                  The beer was good! See, I'm not too much of a whiner.

                  1. re: amandaqtpie

                    Wow. Wowee-wow-wow. I guess I need to head back there, since it's been, say, a couple months since my last visit, in which the food was fine, and the service was, as it can often be, pretty lousy. If I'm hearing this on multiple fronts from veterans of the board and from folks I haven't heard from before, then it must be a real issue that's popped up recently.

                    It's entirely possible that the quality has fallen in the past couple months, and if that's the case, I'll say it with the same gusto as I've praised the place with. One note on the green beans: they are different than many places serve, but that's just the way they happen to prepare them there. But you're right: cold isn't good.

                    What *really* concerns me is what you said about the catfish. I have absolutely *loved* their catfish in the past, and if it's coming to the table small and shriveled, that's a very, very bad sign.

                    I'm going to go back in the next couple of weeks and give it an open-minded shot, without prejudice. Even so, I have a very, *very* hard time believing that Famous Dave's would ever best Slow's. I sincerely hope I'm right about that.

                    Here's hoping that Slow's isn't pulling a Chen Chow and letting their heads get too big for their own good and forgetting the most important thing: the food.

                    1. re: boagman

                      ouch, slows' becoming a chen chow-ish hole.

                      1. re: royaloaker

                        No, not even close! We went to Slows last night and everything was just as good as always including the catfish. Unbelieveable that any one would compare this place to an open the can or pull it out of the freezer place like Famous Daves. Good Grief it's not hard to be consistant when every thing comes pre-made. FD's is consistant like Mcdonalds. I'll take Slows any day of the week and twice on Sunday over Famous Daves. No place is perfect and it's not five star dining but slows is easilly the best BBQ in the greater Detroit area. Even if you don't like your hoity-toity green beans! LOL

                        1. re: Docsknotinn

                          Actually, I LOVE hoity-toity green beans, but I don't like them cold except when I'm expecting them that way, and certainly not when they're completely different from what I've had at Slow's before. They just did not go with "bar-b-q."
                          I'll certainly go back to make sure this was a fluke, but these flukes have been happening more consistently lately.

                          1. re: amandaqtpie

                            Hoity-toity green beans has to be the funniest comment I've read in a long time. Thanks for the laugh. :)
                            I'm sorry to hear you had a poor experience. So far we have had nothing but positive experiences at Slows. Never cold food. Never poor service. I really like Slows so I sincerely hope they are only experiencing growing pains. The catfish and pulled pig sandwich (The Reason) are my favorites. While I like the Mac & Cheese I would completly agree their sides are not the best.

                            1. re: Docsknotinn

                              The owners have been working on the new Mercury coffee house across the street. I'm happy to see a coffee house in that area--Detroit has precious few of them, and one, Amsterdam, just burned down. And they're also rumored to be working on a second Slows in Midtown. So we'll see--they're obviously at a point many businesses come to, where they swtich from sheer talent to having to keep on top of an increasingly complex operation. Last time I was at Slows was about three months ago, and it was great. For a side dish if I'm having a sandwich, I often order the okra fritter appetizer.

                  2. re: boagman

                    I couldn't agree more re: Famous Dave's. UGH!

                  3. re: ratitidinenow

                    Agreed. We've been there twice and were underwhelmed. More impressed with the beer selection than the food.

                  4. Had Lunch at Slow's today. Kind of wishing I hadn't. Service was incredibley slow. The place wasn't overly busy but it took 40 minutes after ordering to get a brisket sandwich and mac & cheese. When the food finally arrived the mac had so much black pepper in it that you couldn't taste the cheese. And I know that brisket is a fatty cut but my sandwich was close to 40% fat (yes, I did take it a part). I was so looking forward to being in Corktown today and it was really dissappointing.

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                    1. re: Spamanator

                      Yo, I've only been there twice so it's entirely possible that it's usually great but I managed to get unlucky twice; not likely but possible. I have a theory, just a theory mind you, that people in Detroit are so hungry for a good down-home BBQ place that when they get something close, they'll convince themselves that it's better than it is. Maybe I'm wrong and remember that I said that I really wanted it to be good and I still do. I love Corktown and am hoping more cool places pop up there.

                      Now, with regards to Famous Dave's or Damon's or any chain, I find the knee-jerk food-snob reactions a little irritating. There are issues with the chains that we all know and of course I always prefer an establishment where the owner is on-site making sure that their distinctive cuisine is done right. But some of the chains do a nice job, depending on the dish and depending on the location( i.e. the Olive Garden in Novi does a nice job serving pretty good fake Italian food. The Olive Garden in Dearborn serves puke). And I'm so sorry but from my experience the brisket at Famous Dave's is better than it is at Slow's.

                      1. re: ratitidinenow

                        Yes and no. I agree that chains can do some things reasonably well. If I choose to go to Texas Roadhouse, I can count on getting a very good steak prepared the way I've asked. I can *also* count on any and all side dishes to be pretty much garbage. That being said, they *do* get the most important thing right, and that's the steak itself. I can live with eye-roll-inducing sides.

                        When it comes to Famous Dave's, however, I'm going to go full-throttle on them and say that their food, on the whole, sucks. I've tried them, and several of the "meats" they offer, as well as their sides. I'll tell you this: if I go there again, someone else will be paying for my meal, because I'm sure not paying for their garbage again! There is nothing, *nothing at all* that Famous Dave's offers (that I've eaten) that's better than Slow's, with the possible exception of their service. I'm the first to admit that service at Slow's can be, and often is, quite lousy. And yes: it's starting to tarnish the place's reputation, as I'm hearing this complaint from non-foodies, too. Great word-of-mouth only works as intended when said word-of-mouth is *good*.

                        I can't comment on Damon's since I haven't eaten there.

                        I've got to say, though, that I've never noticed any difference between one Olive Garden and the next. It all tastes the same to me.

                        I'm not totally against chains, but I certainly like to support local dining first, if possible, and when that local dining is worth going to. There's something to be said for the sheer convenience and countability of a place like Cracker Barrel when you're traveling on the interstate all day, though...I know what to expect, how long it'll take, and that I'll enjoy it.

                        Not all things about chains are evil, but all things being equal, I'd rather be eating elsewhere.

                        1. re: ratitidinenow

                          the brisket at Famous Dave's is better than it is at Slow's.

                          The brisket at famous Daves sucks. It tastes like it was put through a steamer and soaked in liquid smoke. This is chain food at it's worst. All the sides taste like they came straight out of a can or the freezer. This place reminds me of an unholy combination of Chuck E Cheese and BBQ.
                          There are some chains I can live with. When I'm on the road all day I can live with eggs at Bob Evans or a steak at the OutBack but I'd much rather be eating at some place with real food like Slows.
                          I revisited Slows last week and if any thing the food was even better. I have to say that I am a fan of their pulled pig. It is easilly THE best BBQ in the greater Detroit area.

                          1. re: Docsknotinn

                            I had Famous Dave's the first and only time last fall on some friends' recommendations to meet there. It was so salty and "odd" tasting that I was afraid to let the kids eat much. Well, I looked up the ingredients on their web site- talk about msg, flavor enhancers and fake liquid smoke. yuck, yuck, yuck. I will never eat their "food" again. Oh, and it was not cheap for the quality. Surely their must be other bbq out there...

                      2. I went to Slows yesterday for the first time. I went with 2 friends, one of whom has been before. It was a Monday afternoon after lunch and before dinner so it was not very busy. The atmosphere was impressive as I felt like I was in a southern bbq restaurant with a modern twist. The venue is all wooded and dimly lit. As for the food...we ordered a Ranch Brisket Enchilada as an appetizer - it was delicious and just the perfect size for the three of us. Now usually I scan the menu for healthier options so if you are on a diet this is NOT the place to go. We all ordered "The Special Purpose" I had it on a kaiser bun with waffle fries. The meat literally melted in my mouth and the waffle fries were hot and crispy. I tried my boyfriends mac n cheese which isn't a favourite of mine but it was very good. The waitress was attentive, the washrooms were clean (which is very important to me) and our bill was very reasonable. I would definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone.

                        Slows Bar B Que
                        2138 Michigan Ave, Detroit, MI 48216

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                        1. re: Marie Sutton

                          "The waitress was attentive"?!?!?!? Who was she? What's her name?

                          That'd be the first time that's happened since the first time I went there about 3 years ago.

                          Glad you liked it! The meat itself certainly is done right, and I like a couple of the sides, too.

                          1. re: boagman

                            Contrary to popular opinion, I've had nothing but great service at Slow's. I've only had waiters, though, not waitresses, Boagman. And I have only gone at lunch time.

                            1. re: momskitchen

                              Hmm. Well, maybe lunch is the magical time, then. I've actually had a mix of genders who served me, and with the exception of Nancy the first time I went, who did a spectacular job, every server I've had since then was adequate at best, and sometimes just downright lousy.

                              I'm saying it now, and it doesn't just apply to this place: the percentage of the tip is *earned* by the level of service rendered. Crap service? Crap tip from me. Blame me all you like...fair is fair.

                              By contrast, I was at Giovanni's Ristorante last Thursday, and I tipped my server Tina darned near $6 on a $19 bill. Man...they really do a great job making new customers feel welcome there. I am *definitely* going back.

                        2. A pretty big bump here.. but just wanted to at my 2p (not cents ;)) worth.

                          Not long back from a trip to Canada and the states, and as we were only due to stop in Detroit for one night, I searched on CH for somewhere decent to eat... and so glad I did. The reviews of Slows, made me put it down on our definites list, and I'm so glad I did... it was the best meal we had in the two weeks we were out there.

                          We went for The Big Three, so got to try their pulled pork, chicken and brisket – all three were cooked to perfection and made for the perfect meal at the end of a very long drive. Went for sides of coleslaw, waffle fries, mac n cheese and cornbread – coleslaw was really good, the fries and mac n cheese I couldn’t eat, but got the thumbs up from my partner (and we’d had some odd tasting cheese in Cleveland a few days baclk!).

                          Cornbread I’m still not sure about, was the first time I’ve tried it, and it’s kind of like cake.

                          Staff were really friendly and attentive, we were sat at the bar, loved the look of the whole bar and the effort to use reclaimed timber where they can.

                          Would recommend this place to anyone visiting Detroit!

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                          1. re: Bee23

                            Sitting at the bar can be a very good move there for one or two people—bartenders are usually on top of the situation.

                            Sweet cornbread is authentically Southern, although I'm not terribly fond of it either.

                            1. re: Bee23

                              went to slow's with my wife and another couple on saturday night. we were there late - about 11:30pm - and i thought we had found the answer to the service issue: going late.

                              the good: we sat right down (room was about 75% full) and the food came out of the kitchen with lightning speed.

                              the bad: it took a while for our server to come to the table and take our drink order, empty beer glasses waiting for a refill (twice - c'mon, man, it's the highest profit margin stuff in the place), and our waitress went m.i.a. when we were ready to leave (my wife finally took the bill and the credit card up to the bar).

                              but the food was good. we shared the triple threat (shoulder, brisket, chicken) and the surf & turf (brisket, jambalaya, and catfish - fried or balckened, we got blakened). sides were waffle fries, cornbread, black beans, and mac-n-cheese). first time i ever had their jambalaya (decent), catfish (nice subtle blackening on a tender/moist fillet), and black beans (very good). as usual, the brisket was my favorite of the three meats.

                              1. re: xman887

                                xman887---how can black beans be very good, or be terrible for that matter? Aren't black beans just black beans? Do tell.

                                1. re: vtombrown

                                  > how can black beans be very good, or be terrible for that matter? Aren't black beans
                                  > just black beans?

                                  I used to feel the same way about beans & rice ... until I was (mis)served them at
                                  Pappadeaux. The server instantly corrected her mistake, and left the beans and rice.
                                  About 7/8th's of the way thru my meal, I tried them. Dunno, why. They were
                                  wonderful. Complex seasoning, a terrific melange of flavors. Far better than any
                                  rice & beans I've eaten in NOLA.

                                  Geesh. Now I want to drive to Cincy or Indy for a bowl of their rice & beans.