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Nov 30, 2006 12:24 AM

Business Dinner in Downtown Philly

I have business dinner coming up in downtown Philadelphia in a few days and, unfortunately, I'm very unfamilar with the city. Can anyone recommend a good restuarant within walking distance (or short cab ride)from the Philadelphia Marriott on Market Street. Around $60/person including drinks/less tip. thanks!

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  1. Everything in Center City is within a short cab ride of the Marriott. Some walking distance choices are Capitol Grill (steak) and McCormick & Schmicks (seafood). Thank you.

    1. What about something with a little local flavor? I love me some Stephen Starr restaurants. I think Morimoto is out of your price range, but Jones ( ) is a fun alternative!

      1. My first choice would be Capital Grille, at Broad and Chestnut. There is a wide menu, good drinks, and it is divided into small rooms so that the noise level is acceptable.

        There are many business groups there; a popular place for business meetings. Much more than steak, and a comfortable place to talk. It is only a few blocks from the Marriott.

        If your people would like fish/seafood, Esca, on Locust Street between Broad and 15th, would be another good choice. They do have some lamb and chicken on the menu, though their specialty is fresh seafood. Lovely ambience.

        If it's going to be on a Saturday evening, call right away. I know that Capital Grille gets booked early.

        McCormick and Schmick has private booths on the upper level that would be conducive for talking - I think they are reserved for parties of five or more. Almost all fish/seafood.

        1. if someone is from out of town, though, and asking for phila recommendations, the last place i would send them is one of the broad st. chains. let them experience our city in a unique way that makes them want to return!

          estia - great choice, i'd forgotten about them. they are fab. i had a chilean sea bass once, one of the tastiest preparations i've ever had! there is an octopus appetizer that is also not to be missed.

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            I loved Capital Grill when we went there for our anniversary. Really special treatment which I meant to post about but never did. They had a bud vase with small roses on the table with a special note. Anyway, while they are part of a chain, it is a very small chain not like an Olive Garden. However, I might be a little concerned as to whether you could get a complete steak meal and drinks there within the $60 budget. Anyway, while I have not been to Estia, unless you knew the people loved seafood, it might not be appealing.

          2. We love Capital Grille, and eat there quite frequently.
            How about Steven starr's Buddakan? How many people are in your party? What night? There are many byob's that are great, depending on the size of your group.
            Pif and Ansill are great choices, as well as gayle and Amada.

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              I don't think Buddakan would be good for a business dinner since food is served family-style. I also think byos are not good for business dinners, unless you know your guests drinking preferences. Thank you.

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                amada would be a great one for a business dinner if you know you are dining with funkier company. i've done several business dinners there and they've all been big successes. you can easily make it as cheap/expensive as you want, but personally i'd be hard-pressed to keep it under $60. company dinners usually run us more like $100 per.