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Les Halles

Wondering if anyone has tried Les Halles on John St in lower manhattan? Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. Steak frite salad special good deal

    1. burger is decent but the awful service makes in not worthwhile.

      The Park Ave location is even worse.

      1. My husband and I went to Les Halles in August for dinner. It was our first time there. My husband had the steak frites. He wanted it medium rare but the waiter said the chefs had a tendency to undercook the steak. Thus, my husband changed his order to a medium. I ordered the mussels in garlic sauce. When our food arrived, my husbands steak was well done and mine tasted off. After I ate half of my entree, I realized that it was a bell pepper sauce. It was such a busy night and we were so enamored by the restaurant's association w/ Bourdain that we thought we had just went on a bad night. Furthermore, our awful waiter made us never want to come back again. He made bad suggestions, never checked up on us and was very blase. His inattentiveness made it a bad experience we never want to repeat again.

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          Bourdain has never had any association whatsoever with the Les Halles on John St. As far as the Park Av. S. location is concerned, he was the chef there at one time, but he has not had anything to do with what comes out of that kitchen for several years. I gave up on the PAS Les Halles years ago. Barely mediocre food, poor service, seating that would make a sardine feel uncomfortable, and a headache-inducing noise level. In a word, blech!

        2. Anything with frites. When they are nice and crispy, they are among the best fries in town. The mussels and frites is a ton of food and a great deal. Other good things: Chicken and arugula salad, duck leg confit, hanger steak, steak au poivre, creme brulee. Service is a problem there; very inconsistent. Also, the after-work crowd tends to be the loud, heavy drinking Wall St. boys and girls. I go after 8 p.m. or on weekends. Les Halles is open every day, even Christmas, which makes it handy for those of us who work and live in the area.

          1. I have been to the Les Halles on John several times mainly because I lived and worked in Downtown. Their mussels are decent and you can choose half portion which is quite a lot already (but no frites with half portion). My experience with their steak was bad - overcooked, tough, bland, will not recommend. Service is indeed a problem and the waiters are quite slow to respond to request. Overall I would say the food is ok, not too bad but nothing special either. Just stay away from the steak...

            1. I haven't had it, but friends swear by the tartare prepared tableside at the John St. location.

              The nicoise salad is a lovely, light lunch.

              1. Do a search here and you'll find like 100 posts (mine included) about people being disgusted by both Les Halles locations...

                1. I've been going to the John St. location for about 3 years now and had loved it every time! I think their frites are the best in the city. Things I recommend are the mussels, hanger steak, roasted cod, burger, macaroni and cheese, croque monseiur, chocolate mousse, and french onion soup. The service has alway been good for my girlfriend and I. I just wrote a review (with pics) of the John St location on Roadfood.

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                    The steak/salad special was definitely a good deal - I couldn't even finish 1/4th and it was surprisingly tasty!!!

                  2. I live right around there and frequent the place (mostly because of lack of other places to go).

                    The food is just ok. Their fries are amazing. Other things that are decent is the chicken sandwich, mac & cheese w/o the proscuitto (its dry), and salade d'auvergne.

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                      I actually like the Park Avenue location and had a nice chat to Tony Bourdain there one day. Agreed that the service is terrible at John St. location. We ordered drinks and the waitress went over to the bar, turned her back and started folding napkins. Then she seemed to join some sort of informal meeting with her confreres behind the bar. Infuriating!

                    2. Service at John Street is inconsistent. One time it's great, next time abysmal! Food is mostly good. In February during the Choucroute special, that is good...

                      I like the Duck Confit Salad, and either the Steak or Moule/Frites are usually on target.

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                        Well, we are on vacation in NYC right now looking for a way to end our last nite here, two nites ago we ate at Les Halles Park Street, horrid!! Food, service, atmosphere, it was a mess, never again.

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                          Obviously, you are referring to the original Park Av. S. location. Yes, unfortunately, you found out the hard way what I have been saying about Les Halles for quite some time.

                          I hope that for your last night here, you went to a restaurant with delicous food, excellent service, and wonderful ambiance.

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                            Everyone here really has been ripping on Les Halles, but I happen to like dining there a lot. Yes the service is lackluster and the decor is cramped and noisy, but for affordable, bistro food I think it's great.

                      2. Colleagues and I used to eat there at lunch occasionally, but just gave up because the service was so weird. Also, tables are waaaay too close together for a restaurant of this price. If you're going to pay premium, they gotta give you a bit more knee room. Seriously.