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Nov 29, 2006 11:40 PM

nw suburbs or downtown open for christmas eve

Hi,I am looking for a chicago area restaraunt open christmas eve.We have alwasy done the "Drake Dickens Buffet" but we have a large group this year and were looking for something very nice,but a little less expensive with nice atmosphere.Thanks for any help

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  1. One place I've used for large groups is the Black Ram in Des Plaines, just a couple miles north of O'Hare ( website ). They have half a dozen rooms in the restaurant (shown on their website) and they are EXTREMELY accommodating as far as arrangements for large groups. We've had groups of 6-15 at a large table in one of their dining rooms, and groups of 20-40 in one of their private rooms. We've always been able to order off the menu and they have been able to serve everyone promptly and accurately. (Unless you've arranged a lot of dinners for large groups, you have no idea how rare this is; most places require pre-ordering, or everyone getting the same thing, or else take forever to serve the food and can't bring it all out hot at the same time. This place does it right.


    In addition to their excellent, efficient, friendly service, THE FOOD IS OUTSTANDING! The steaks are excellent, the prime rib is the best I've had in the Chicago area, and the seafood is every bit as good as the finest seafood houses. Even the desserts are wonderful, whether you're going for the exotic (white chocolate mousse) or the conventional (best rice pudding EVER).

    The location is on a commercial strip (Oakton Avenue) but don't let that scare you off. This is a very nice steakhouse-type restaurant, big (safe) parking lot, etc. It's one of those places that does a wonderful job, but doesn't get as much publicity as the places downtown. It WILL impress your friends and family.

    I just called the restaurant and they are open on Christmas Eve until 8:00 pm (with the last seating at 7:00 pm, although with a large group, you probably wouldn't want to be seated that late).

    I don't have any affiliation with the Black Ram other than as a very satisfied customer...

    1. Thank you for your informative reply.We are in Barrington and not that far from Des Plains.I will check it out.

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        I am pretty sure The Barn of Barrington is open for Brunch on Christmas Eve

      2. Christmas Eve is a Sunday this year, so places (like the Barn) that normally do a Sunday brunch, probably will be open for brunch. If you're looking for a dinner in the late afternoon or evening (which is how I interpreted your question), that may be more hit or miss. I'm sure you will call any place you're considering to make sure they are open, and find out if they are closing early (depending on what time you're planning on eating). Places won't necessarily post their hours for Christmas Eve on their website.

        I agree that the Barn of Barrington is a good choice if their hours fit your needs. Like the Black Ram, they handle a variety of sizes of private parties and have private rooms as well as their main dining room. The food is generally good (not unusually so, but decent). If a buffet brunch would meet your needs, it's a great choice; their Sunday brunch has very good variety and quantity and decent quality. Website

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          I forgot all about the Barn,they do have a wonderful brunch.Thanks so much

        2. The original comment has been removed