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Nov 29, 2006 11:32 PM

Restaurant Takeover?

We are having a family party over the holidays, with a group of at least twenty, maybe thirty. I am looking for a good restaurant that my group can takeover for the night.

Has anyone had a good experience doing something like that? Recommendations?

I have looked into restaurants that have private rooms, but the prices are extradordinary and the menus often limited. I am dealing with a crowd that would like to order off a full menu, thus the takeover idea. Thank you in advance for the help!

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  1. You do realize that if you wanted to take over an entire restaurant for an evening, it just might cost much more than doing a dinner in a private dining room - you would be depriving the restaurant of an entire night's worth of table turn-overs.

    1. Luella does great private events.

      1. Old Mandarin Islamic has a private space next door to the restaurant. I'm sure it's not expensive.

        I don't think the private rooms at Patio EspaƱol are very expensive.

        1. Postrio has a room large enough for that sized group, as well as I remember. I believe you can order of the menu if utilizing that room. They go up and down, and I hear there's been a chef change over there (unconfirmed) which might be a good thing....

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            Postrio has undergone a chef change. The new Chef de Cuisine is Jordan Grosser. He was recently mentioned in the San Francisco Chronicle. He has done some amazing things with the menu--I've yet to have something that wasn't amazing! My favorites are the foie gras and thai snapper.

          2. I doubt you will find a restaurant that only sits 20-30 people that you can "take over", unless you are dealing with a coffee shop :-) Private dining room or a restaurant that is willing to work with you on a section but let you order off the menu is your best bet.

            Frankly for 30 people if everyone orders something different thbecause the food will have to come out a different times for different people, esp. if someone orders a salad and some doesn't. Makes for awkward setting form my point of view

            I did my birthday party this year for 25 people at Cha Am, a Thair restaurant on 3rd and Folsom, got a section of the restaurant to ourselves, had appetizers laid over buffet style so people can get something to munch/drink when they arrive, and then the main courses was table service. I had wrist bands for the guests who can go to the bar or order with waiter so it is easy to track the drinks order to the tab.

            Everybody had fun and was well fed.