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Nov 29, 2006 11:22 PM

One Star Prices on New Year's Eve?

I posted recently seeking recommendations for a good New Year's Eve "splurge" restaurant in the 5th, 6th or 7th. Though I didn't receive any replies on this board, I have done some independent research in the meantime. We have checked with several "one-star" restaurants regarding their New Year's Eve "prix fixe" menus, and we are finding that prices tend to range between 250 and 300 euro per person, not including wine.

I understand that New Year's Eve in Paris tends to be celebrated more luxuriously than here in the States, and that restaurants commonly prepare a special feast that is more elaborate than their typical menu. However, 250-300 euro per person seems awfully high. Is this simply what we should expect, or are there some nice restaurants that offer more affordable prices? Would love to be enlightened about this ... thanks!

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  1. Well, at the Ritz (L'Espadon), the New Year's Eve dinner is 2007€ (incl. beverages though)!

    250-300€ sounds pretty normal to me for such a special dinner in a one star temple, since on a normal evening, 100€ or more is pretty much standard and can be a lot higher depending on the bottle(s) you choose.

    Whatever you should decide, a reservation at any starred restaurant, is a must and it's about time to think about it.

    1. Agree that 250e or so is probably about what you will pay at a 1 star on NYE. I have a hard time getting out of most 1 stars for less than about 125e on a regular night so am not surprised. I had dinner at a 2 star in the Alsace countryside last NYE for about 225e each including wine. Things are a little cheaper outside of Paris.

      Two one stars that are less expensive than most are Les Ormes (7th) which has a 48e menu daily with limited choices and Maison Courtine (14th I think) which has a 38e menu daily with more choices but supplements apply to some items. Maybe these would have lower priced NYE specials too but would not count on it.

      I am eating at this place on 30 Dec 2006:

      No stars here but their website is advertising a 150e NYE package that includes entertainment of some kind. I think this is about as cheap as it will get for NYE dining unless you dip down another notch to the brasseries.

      Brasserie Gallopin (Michelin Bibb Gourmand) is advertising a special menu Revillion Nouvelle An for 31 Dec 2006 for only 45e. Here is a link.

      1. Thanks to both of your for your replies -- just trying to reach a comfort level that these prices were not unduly high.

        We made a reservation at Jacques Cagna (at 290e per person). We'll post a review once we get back from our trip!

        1. Just in case you want change your reservation, I have learned that l'Angle du Faubourg (1 star) has a 130e menu, no drinks, on NYE. Here is the menu, and this is the only thing available that night. L'Angle is very good I have eaten there 3 times before.


          Rémoulade de Saint-Jacques aux agrumes
          Scallops with citrus fruit

          Bar à la plancha, bouillon d’artichauts et coque
          Sea bass « à la plancha » with artichokes and cockles

          Agneau rôti, mijotée de légumes oubliés à la truffe
          Roast lamb with seasonal vegetables and black truffle

          Vacherin en croûte de noix
          “Vacherin” with walnuts

          Nage de litchi à la fleur de rose
          Lychee soup with rose syrup

          Craquant au chocolat et à la mandarine
          Crusty with chocolate and tangerine

          1. We are in Paris for 10 days from xmas on visiting the daughter at school...and, after pricing stuff, have pretty much decided that it will be our only night to shop and cook on NYE. oysters, champagne, etc. We will dine for lunch and then party at the 11e apt.
            then go out for dessert and to walk.
            save the 300e per for better value the rest of the week.