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Nov 29, 2006 11:21 PM

Your favorite simple, yet AWESOME, dish at an LA eatery?

This whole potato ball at Porto's discussion has led me to investigate other simple, yet awesome concepts in food around LA. Take the potato ball - simply mashed potatoes around ground beef, fried to a golden crisp. It's not brain surgery, but soooooooooo good.

I'll go ahead and throw some out there:

*Roasted beet and buffalo mozzerella salad at Chateau Marmont: Fresh, delicious balls of cheese with roasted golden and red beets. So simple, yet so refined. A drizzle of good olive oil adds the perfect finish.

*Egg salad sandwich at Europane: Big chunks of soft-boiled eggs, chopped into big pieces, piled on top of a piece of crusty, toasted bread. A simple, think mayo dressing and chives top it all off.

*Eggs from Hell at Coffee Table: Super spicy sauce scrambled with eggs, served with a side of black beans and a tortilla. Can you say hangover fix? It's so spicy that I actually ask for "easy hell."

*Strawberry and brown sugar ice cream at Zanzabelle in Silverlake. It's cold, creamy and has bits of brown sugar in it.

*Tomato bisque at Granville Cafe, Burbank: Tomato-y and creamy, it's really the right thing to do on a cold day.

*Scallop sushi at Z's in Alhambra

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  1. Stir fried shrimp - just plain, simple with some green onions and that's it - at J&J Shanghai;

    and the green beans at Din Tai Fung;

    and the cheese, butter and ham sandwich at Portugal Imports in Artesia.

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    1. re: estone888

      Those green beans are KILLER!! :)

      Also the Chinese Broccoli at Dim Sum places (especially Ocean Star) YUM!!! :)


      1. re: Dommy

        That Chinese Broccoli is the one dish I need to have at Dim Sum... just not complete without it...

        1. re: bulavinaka

          YES!! That is how I rate Dim Sum places... how good ws their Broccoli! :)


          1. re: Dommy

            Sorry - not sure which place you're asking about... but to recall the best one for me is hard as I will slurp them down even if the stalks are hard and stringy... However, I think the nicest most tender ones I had were at Mission 261... the other places I've tried seem to vary in tenderness from time to time... maybe it's seasonal thing... maybe it's a supplier thing... Ocean Star, Sam Woo, and NBC is where we usually go, and while others at the table might complain about the stalks being too tough, I jsut keep chomping... Been reading alot of buzz about that place, The Kitchen... J. Gold's favorite for the time being...

    2. Shish kabob at Skaf's grill. Mmmmmmmmmm....

      1. The queso fundido and guacomole with fresh tortillas at Monte Alban...

        The beet salad at Joan's on Third...

        The tamago at Hide Sushi...

        The blue crab handroll at Sushi Zo...

        The five-grain bread at BreadBar...

        The gargantuan bowl of french onion soup at Doughboys...

        The sea bass "ala ben" at the Dal Rae...

        The pretzel rolls at Rockenwagner Bakery...

        The butterscoth budino at Mozza...

        The chai tea at Urth Cafe...

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        1. re: glutton

          Second the handroll and the Five Grain bread... Here's a sandwich I made of it... YUM!! :)

          Although at Rockenwagner, NOTHING beats there Cheesy Bacon Scone... I'm so glad we moved from that neighborhood... it would have been the DEATH to my woredrobe...


          1. re: glutton

            Pretzel rolls at the Big R - with bacon and cheese... gotta have it!

          2. Scrambled egg shrimp at OK Seafood in downtown L.A. The shrimp is perfectly pink and sweet and the eggs have a beautifully silky texture. Very satisfying.

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            1. re: Bob Brooks

              Yum! My favorite dish in the world is "Wa Ton Har Yen" but I never had a version better than Ocean Star's. Will have to try this one.

            2. The oatmeal and raisin cookies at COSTCO.
              Guess I need a snack, huh?

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              1. re: Gohantabeyoka

                Try the oatmeal and raisin cookies from Trader Joes. They are my favorite TJ's cookie.