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Nov 29, 2006 11:13 PM

Good Eats for College Students in Irvine?

I just recently moved to Irvine California from Los Angeles and am looking for good healthy food that is resonably priced since college is enough money on its own! I do have a car so I can drive out of town if the restaurant is too spectacular to pass up. Let me know, thank you!

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  1. When I went to UCI (1991-1995), my mainstays for food were In N Out, Alberto's, Del Taco. Now you've got the Lee's Sandwiches, which is somewhat healthy. Drive up Culver to Irvine Ctr Drive and there's a great cheap eats place, Sam Woo restaurant (not the nice side, the other side where the meat and chickens are hanging from hooks).

    On the far side of UCI is a Panera bread place, I guess that's healthy for ya. And if you feel like chowing down, you can't go wrong with either Souplantation (Main St east of Jamboree) or Seoul Garden Korean BBQ (way up in Tustin, on Redhill just north of the 5) for some great all you can eat.

    1. There are tons of good, cheap eats in Irvine - esp. if you like Asian food. Try S&W or the korean tofu restaurant on Walnut and Jeffrey in the 99 Ranch mini mall. There's also Seafood Noodle Restaurant and the korean restaurant that used to be BCD Tofu on Culver, north of Walnut, near the Ralph's and Sav On. If you like "Hawaiian" food, try L&L which is also in the same area as the Seafood Noodle Restaurant.

      1. also, iirc, there's a Gina's Pizza and Pastaria in the Albertson's center, Campus and California. On Monday nights I believe they do all you can eat spaghetti for $5.95 which would be worth checking out.

        1. Tenko Teriyaki on Culver and Michelson. Good place for the college crowd: edible food, a little bit of variety, various plates/bento boxes, and big portions for $5-7

          1. if it turns out you're too poor to even try these offerings, there's a trader joes in the uci marketplace. this place has come a long way since i went to uci. the uci marketplace has all kinds of decent lunch places now from kebabs to (crappy) sushi to banh mi and various fast food too (which can be healty, like if you do taco bell "fresco style")

            irvine used to be kind of boring but there's all kinds of things here now.