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Nov 29, 2006 11:01 PM

Three Nights, Three Bistrots - How to Choose??

We are going to Paris for a long weekend in early February.
We will have three dinners out and want to choose wisely. I had
both Le Reminet and La Partage on my list, but recent posts make
me wary. We will be staying in the 7th but are willing to venture
out. Suggestions?? Thank you in advance.

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  1. I loved Le Partage-let me put my recommendation in context-we ate at L'Astrance, Taillevent, Violon d'Igres, Senderens, Hiramatsu, Au Trou Gascon and Chez l'Ami Jean. I enjoyed every meal, and all are worth a visit...but I keep thinking of Le Partage-it's just a joyful place to eat.
    Now mind you-I'm not saying it's the best-but the style is different-not traditional French. I live in New York, and appreciate a chef with passion, who doesn't always follow the expected.
    The somewhat negative review came from Jer-and I don't doubt his/her opinion...but you have to review our various posts, and see if you've been to any of the places we've reviewed and see if you agree. There isn't much listed for you, so I don't know where you live, what you like, etc.
    All I can say is-on my next trip to Paris, I'm going back to Le Partage.

    1. I had dinner at Le Reminet last month and thought it was nothing you won't miss anything if you skip it in my opinion. I liked L"Ami Jean much would take many many visits to explore all of the options on their long menu..

      1. WE just returned. Les Bouquinists was our favorite; good prices, great service and excellent food!

        1. Thank you all for your replies and suggestions. I'm keeping
          La Partage on the list and may add L'Ami Jean (is this the
          one on Rue Malar in the 7th?). I've dropped Le Reminet from the list of contenders. Others I'm considering are
          Chez Rene, Ee Chez Y'eux (this would be a repeat visit, Au Petit Marguery, Le Cerisiae and possibly Bouqinist (sp?). In the past, we always have had one dinner at Allard, but recent reports are not favorable so I sadly may drop that one.
          Any comments you have on my list would be appreciated.

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            Chez l'Ami Jean is indeed on r. Malar-it's a busy, bustling, crowded place with lot's of interesting items on the menu, as erica pointed out...we had an excellent lentil soup, Coquille St Jacques, boudin, and San Pietro...also an interesting pudding into which you mix various fruits and nuts, name lost to the wine. Many of the regulars seem to stick their heads in the kitchen to say hello, making you wish you were one of them.

            Have you looked at Hiramatsu? Their 48 euro lunch is a great bargain, if you are looking for a more formal, proper French lunch. And their gougeres are to die for. They served us an additional main when we were there, as well.

          2. As you are staying in the 7th, you may want to try Les Ormes (one-star). Very charming place, very good food, not too expensive. It's a bit formal but might serve as the "fancy" night out of your three.

            Also in the 7th, Thoumieux, which is like the 7th's version of La Coupole. It's a bustling place, and best after 9:00 pm, when it gets crowded.

            Another place in the 7th is La Fontaine de Mars. Southwest cooking without pretension.

            In fact, for a three-day stay, going to each of these once wouldn't be bad. They are all completely different in style and ambiance from each other.