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Nov 29, 2006 11:00 PM

Greek Eats in L.A.?

If I get taken to one more "amazing" Greek place by well-meaning friends only to find that Greek is defined mostly by the presence of hummus and pita on the menu, I will lose my mind. Not looking for anything fancy, but a nice moussaka and a little retsina would really warm my Hellenic heart. All suggestions welcomed!

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  1. papa christo's in the mid-city area. its at pico and normandy-ish.

    1. Alexis Greek Cafe in Northridge (Tampa & Nordhoff) has excellent moussaka.

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        I second Alexis.. I don't know how "truly Greek" it is, not being greek, but the greek dishes are the yummiest I've had. Alexis himself is greek. Plus, Fatima (hs winfe and a really wonderful lady!) does some portugese dishes and they have an interesting wine list. her desserts are wonderous.

      2. If you're willing to drive down to the South Bay, dinner at Papadakis Taverna in San Pedro is always a fun and memorable experience. It's a great time to go there, too, if you're a USC fan, as the owner, John Papadakis, is a former Trojan football player and legend, and his sons Taso and Petros are also former USC football players.

        You can check out the menu at their website. And yes, mousaka is listed on the dinner menu with soup and salad for $22.95 or a la carte for $18.95.

        1. By far, my favorite Greek place is Petros in Manhattan Beach. It is gourmet Greek with the highest quality of ingredients--the feta and olive oil they use is exceptional. This is not your run of the mill Greek restaurant. Each course is beautifully prepared and they offer specialties that I haven't seen in other places. My family is Greek and we've had meals there that we haven't had anywhere else, including Greektown in Chicago. Make sure to get the loukomades for dessert--you will not be disappointed. They have a fantastic pasta dish with fat spaghetti, lamb and manouri cheese and their moussaka is terrific, too.

          Tony Taverna's in Malibu is above average, but nothing compared to Petros.
          If you want down and dirty, Papa Christo's is good, especially if you want to buy some Greek specialties to take home.

          Sofi's in West Hollywood is hit or miss. The same for Le Petite Greek in Larchmont Village.

          Take the drive to Petros. It's worth it!

          1. Petros is great and reminds me of the upscale places in the Kolonaki district of Athens.