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Korean groceries in the SF area?

Are there any good Korean supermarkets in the SF area? Whenever I'm in Los Angeles on business, I always head over to Assi in Koreatown to load up on kimchee, assorted pickles, stir-fried anchovies, and marinated meats. Would like a local option.


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  1. Kuk Je in Daly City is probably your best option if you're in SF.

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      I agree that this is probably the best one stop shop if you live in SF (and especially if you live in the Mission). Bigger than Koreana Plaza in Oakland (although the possibility of lunch at Seoul Gom Tang works its way into the equation). Have not tried any of the prepared foods, but good selection of all the staples.

      Kuk Je
      2350 Junipero Serra
      Daly City

    2. There is a small "Koreatown" in Oakland between downtown and the Temescal district (roughly Telegraph Avenue from 27th to 47th Streets.) You can find lots of Korean restaurants and shops there. You could also try Webster Street in the 20s. It's accessible (with a short walk) from Bart - 19th Street for the downtown end or MacArthur for the Temescal end.

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        There's a medium-sized Korean grocery store, Koreana Plaza, at 2328 Telegraph.

        Earlier topic on this subject:


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          There are also a few stores on 14th and 13th Street near Franklin. I think the above Koreatown is a better bet, though.

        2. Thanks! I'll definitely check those out.

          1. There's also a small Korean grocery store on Fillmore just a few yards south of Geary Boulevard in San Francisco if that's more convenient.

            1. I believe it's called the Woori Food Market. It's pretty small, not much bigger than a large convenience store but they've got most of the basics plus a small produce section with asian vegetables. They've also got some pre-marinated meats and a couple small packages of panchan.

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                Do they have GIANT JARS OF KIMCHEE? I require this!

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                  I live in the apartment complex above Woori and shop there often. Yes, they have the giant jars of kimchee was well as a number of daily made specials.

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                    Their house made specials are usually really good. They are located by the register. They also have a very tasty blood sausage (mixed with rice) if you are into that kind of treat.

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                      I just moved to the area, what else do you like at Woori?

                2. the first reply to this post is the only one you need to heed.
                  the daly city market is about the size of a little old safeway, and yes, they have giant gallon jars of kimchee, for like 14 bux.

                  its on junipero serra, near the civic center.

                  1. If you don't want to drive out to Daly City, there are a couple of good Korean markets on Geary Blvd. between 7th and 11th in nthe Richmond District.

                    1. Try First Korean Market (Seoul Market), 4625 Geary just east of Park Presidio. It's a favorite for catered dishes among those involved in the Korean Immersion program at Claire Lillenthal school nearby. Try the fried chicken winglets with chili which are usually available by the registry. And yes, many large jars of kimchi.

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                        First Korean's kimchi is cheap and made right in the back of the store. I got two gallon jars yesterday for $7.50 (radish cubes) and $8 (nappa).

                        First Korean Market
                        4625 Geary Blvd, San Francisco, CA

                        1. re: Robert Lauriston

                          Have you tried them yet? How are they?

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                            I've been buying First Korean's kimchi regularly. Inconvenient for me but it's superior to any I've yet found in Oakland.

                            They also have a great by-the-pound panchan bar.

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                              Have you been to Kukje market in Daly City? I'm curious how First Korean's panchan bar compares.

                              Kuk Jea Market
                              2350 Junipero Serra Blvd, Daly City, CA

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                                Not yet, it's on my list but I'm hardly ever out that way.

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                                I just bought a jar of the napa kimchi yesterday, it wasn't quite as fermented as I'd like yet. Do you find that you have to let the kimchi age a bit more?

                                1. re: DezzerSF

                                  Varies from batch to batch. It definitely improves while I'm working my way through the gallon. If I had more fridge space, I'd have one of each for eating and another pair aging.

                          2. All of the responses are great. I love Chowhound! Thanks so much!