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Nov 29, 2006 10:38 PM

everyones thoughts on restaurant makeover [moved from Ontario board]

i have to admit that the voyeuristic side of me compels me to watch the show, and the chefs and designers on it are very talented. that being said, i don't really like how they seem to go out of their way to show how the chef and owner of the restaurant don't know anything. i know that the places they show are in need of help, but they border on and sometimes cross the line of personal insult. what does everyone think of this? some of the places that they have done, they have ignored the wishes of the owner and redesigned the places to what they want, and i don't think that is right. they do end up on a lot of places to make the restaurant look great and make great food, but i have seen several where they just do what they want and it dsoesn't turn out they way that the owner thought it would.

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  1. Far too staged.
    There is always the contrived drama.
    If these people are so talented why are there always so many screw ups?

    I think the chefs are show boating for the most part and often do not produced menus that are in the rhelm of what the restaurant should be.

    They all like to pat themselves on the back and proclaim brilliance but I would really like to see a show dedicated to follow up. See how many restaurants are actually doing better a year later and how many of the new menus are still in place etc.

    1. i completely agree. i think that in a lot of cases that the chef does what he wants, irregardless of the skillset of the chef of the restaurant being made over. look at the episode on the train. everything came with boiled potatoes and the worst turned zucchini i've ever seen, and the "chef" cooked everything in butter substitue. yet, adjey had foie gras with bee pollen and blueberry sauce among other dishes that that guy probably couldn't even come close to making properly once the cameras left.

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          Check your local listings, but its on The Food Network, and I believe it comes on the Life Network too. Or does it?

        2. I've seen it a few times and consistently get irritated with the woman who is the designer. She throws a hissy fit if the design budget isn't big enough. For example, she was miffed when an owner could only come up $3k for redecorating and she wanted him to spend $7k. As others have mentioned it would be interesting to see how the restaurants are doing 6 mo. to a year after the renov.

          1. The show really bothers me. I've only watched one episode and it was because it was my local hang out that they made over. It was very hard to listen to the designer denegrate so many memories. Some of the stuff that made the place so special in my mind were some of the first things he decided had to go because they were so terrible. It was depressing to watch my bar being levelled. It was also very insulting.