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Nov 29, 2006 10:16 PM

Dinner with the parents on Saturday - Help!

My parents are in town this weekend and we will be having dinner in the city on Saturday night around 7. We don't get to eat out in the city too much, so I'd like to go someplace very good. I've never been to Zuni or Delfina, but both are booked and I'm on the waiting list at Coco500. I'm having paralysis when I look at opentable. I could go here, I could go there, ahh! Most importantly I want to show my parents really good food. It needs to be BART accessible (or a short cab). Also, we will be grabbing a drink with family friends before hand so a in-house bar or one close by would be great. Any gems where we will be able to get a table?

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  1. We had a great meal at Range in the Mission about a month ago. We were able to get a table on fairly short notice (although my sister is a waitress at another restuarant and that may have helped). High end comfort food and GREAT cocktails.

    1. Right next to Zuni is a fun wine bar, CAV, with tapas servings of food, and a nice selection of wines. A nice place to see the locals, and really enjoy the food and wine pairing experience.

      1. I feel your pain. I usually am able to get into LeColonial at the last minute and it's a good parental location generally speaking. Aziza also looks like it might have room.

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          I really want to go to Aziza, but I don't really want to take the parents on the bus - and I don't want to drive in from the East Bay.

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            I'm sorry, I forgot one of your rules. I can see why Aziza is out of the question. Le Colonial is in union square so you could take Powell exit (a few blocks walk). You might consider making a reservation there today just so you have something to fall back on in case you can't come up with anything better. You could always try Slanted Door for cancellations (415.861.8032). I have had some disappointing meals there in the last year but probably because my expecations are so high and my pocketbook is getting smaller. I think it's a great place to take guests though all things considered.

        2. Boulevard and Jardiniere are both great. They're both several blocks away from BART stations.

          1. Thanks to everyone for your suggestions. We ended up at Lulu and had a lovely meal. My parents were pleased!