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Chinatown Eatery

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Hey, do you know the Chinatown Eatery, a dingy but popular foodcourt in Chinatown has closed? Did anyone here use to frequent it?

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    1. I was hoping your post was anouncing it's reopening.

      1. Oh, I really liked that place. I didn't realize it was closing so soon. Awwwwww.

        1. It's been closed about a month. Posted awhile ago.

          1. That's the place that was on the corner of Beach and...? Can't remember the street,but it was on a corner. Had a Thai place in it and also a place for bubble teas as well as assorted fruit shakes, right?

            1. I used to frequent that Thai restaurant at least 3 times a week for lunch when I worked downtown. It's name was Rod Thai.

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                I too was a big Rod Thai fan; as well as a fan of some of the other kitchens in this little gem. While Rod Thai changed ownership many times over the years, the basic menu and quality of food remained more or less constant. Great Thai staples for about $5 a plate. We will miss it too, though have not been since moved to the So Shore. Sounds like there is an opportunity for another enterprising Asian to open another (hopefully cleaner :) place.

              2. I started going there 20 years ago, when I first came to Boston. I went to the eatery a few days before it closed and had a nice talk with the owner of the restaurant that had the fish tanks, the one across from the door. I used to get roasted duck there, not the greatest but something I was fond of. He said a few of the restaurants were looking to open in new spaces in Chinatown, that the place to the immediate left of the door already had a space, but that the rents were too high, he was going to retire. As he said this he was pretty much in tears. We talked about the old days, when it was a real community center. The ladies in the bubble tea shop said there were no plans for any other kind of communal space.
                I miss the eatery already.