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Nov 29, 2006 10:09 PM

Sedona dining with a 3 year old?

We're headed to Sedona for a 3 day weekend. I'm looking for recommendations for places to eat (lunch and dinner) that won't completely offend my husband and I, and will tolerate a pretty well behaved 3 year old well. After searching the board, my current list includes Pizza Picazzo, The Cowboy Club, and Javelina Cantina.

Comments or additions?


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  1. Do you like the Wildflower Bread Company here? They also have a branch in "Uptown" Sedona on the upper floor of the touristy area. I'm assuming you are staying there? I just had a 3day weekend there - if you want to give me more details (what kind of food, etc) I can help you out...

    1. I've had pretty good luck with Heartline Cafe, although my son (who just turned 6) is usually the only child there.

      I've also taken him to Oaxaca Restaurant and that place dealt well with our guests who had toddler twins and a 3 year old.

      If you venture out to the Village of Oak Creek, the Marketplace Cafe in the outlet mall is surprisingly good, especially considering its location. It's incredibly child friendly.

      On your list, I think Picazzo's is the best one for kid friendly environment.

      Hope that helps.