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Nov 29, 2006 09:36 PM

Planning Special Dinner in Beirut

Fellow Chowhounds: Pending political issues, I am planning a romantic dinner for two in Beirut, March 2007. My guest has
lived in and out of Beirut for years. My intention is to
surprise them with ablsolutely the best setting and meal
possible in Beirut. This needs to be the most luxurious
evening possible. Budget is meaningless. Have even thought of taking a suite in a major hotel to have the meal served on a terrace, if I cannot find a great restaurant. Please fill me with details on all of your recommendations. Thank you!

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  1. I assume you are not looking for something like Abdel Wahab or Centrale. Ducasse has a restaurant in Beirut, though I don't know anything about the quality. Another option could the the Intercontinental Le Vendome, they seem to host a lot of visiting Michelin chefs and are right on the water. Sorry I can't think of much else, I don't usually bother with "fine dining" when I visit, as it's the local stuff I am usually craving.

    1. If you want romantic, then let me suggest the restaurant in the Hotel Albergo, in Achrafieh (a very fine neighborhood in Beirut, away from the water). I stayed there about a year ago, and although I didn't eat dinner in their restaurant, I did have my breakfasts in the hotel lounge on the top floor (same kitchen). The food was excellent and the atmosphere at this hotel is really unbeatable. It is luxurious and extremely intimate, with great service. It is NOT over-the-top opulent, however.