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Nov 29, 2006 09:09 PM

On the hunt for mail order CA fruit/produce

For my parent's Xmas gift this year, I'd like to give them a fruit/produce subscription of sorts, where I choose a really excellent fruit or produce and send them a box once a quarter (ie one box per season). They live in the East Coast, so I want it to be something where I'm sending them a certain fruit or vegetable because the "best" of that fruit or vegetable comes from CA and you can't find a very good one in the East Coast.

I know what to get them for the Winter gift box (CA navel oranges), but I need ideas and mail order sources for the Spring, Summer and Fall seasons. I'm hoping I can decide now so that my little card announcing their gift will say what they'll get each season in 2007.

My ideas so far, please give me more ideas & mail order companies if you know any that send very excellent CA fruit or produce.

Navel Oranges from Pleasant Valley farm (I saw a rec by someone on this board):

Manila mangoes? (yeah not native to CA and they can get these at Costco now so maybe not
)CJ Olson's Cherries (yeah I know the best cherries don't only come from CA but it's just an idea, I need more ideas)

Heirloom tomatoes from ??? (does Mariquita do mail order?)
Strawberries? Can you ship strawberries?

Persimmons from ???

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  1. Limoneira has great products from the "Citrus Capital of the World" in the Santa Paula Valley, California. These are premium producers of citrus and avocados as well as a few other food products:

    They also let you know what is in season:

    1. Cosentinos sells beautiful fruit baskets. Perhaps the produce manager or fruit basket manager could help?

      I like the Bascom location over Silver Creek.

      1. The most fragrant and delicious citrus I've had was grown by Lisle Babcock. Friends have given me an assorted box the last two years. Here's my post -

        For persimmons, I can recommend the amagakis from Twin Peaks in Newcastle. They ship.

        I think the avocado suggestion is a good one. Also consider summer stone fruit and pistachios.

          1. fancy almonds from the central valley
            dates from the inland empire (or many mediterranean type markets)
            artichokes from Castroville
            tangelos and mandarin oranges