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Nov 29, 2006 09:02 PM

Decent restaurants in Edmonton

I'm not sure if anyone else has tried Smokey Joes in Edmonton. We tried it on Saturday night and we're delighted. The restaurant itself is pretty basic and nothing fancy, but the food.. was fantastic. Huge portions and very fast service. I had a beef dinner with curly fries.. (they make their own fries) and their own baked beans. There was so much food I could barely finish what was on my plate. We ended the meal by sharing a apple crisp dessert which was also very good. The waiter who served us was very friendly and attentive. He really tried his best to make sure we felt welcomed and our needs met. I have been in many restaurants in Edmonton, but this guy could teach a few people about customer service. Nice dimples too :) The building itself has seen better days, but the food more than made up for any misgivings we may have had upon entering.

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  1. Have been a few times; might go more often if I was closer to the area. Service is pretty good, but food quality is uneven - sometimes the meat is really good and sometimes it seems dried out, like it has been held too long. If I go again I might try asking which meats are fresh from the smoker. Needs a redecorate, but kid friendly.

    Anyone else know of any other place in Edmonton that has their own smoker?