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Nov 29, 2006 08:44 PM

Best Indian food at lunch in Edmotnon

Hello All,
Take a wander to downtown Edmonton (for those of you who don't know where Edmonton is, go to Billings, Montana and drive 10 hours straight north) to the Boardwalk. Here you'll find a quaint little Indian restaurant that has the best lunch buffet in town at a reasonable price. Food is awesome, Goldie the owner is very hospitable and they use "man-sized" plates. Check it out, you won't be disappointed.


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  1. so what is the restaurant called?

    1. I am guessing that Eric is referring to Haweli. It is in the "area" .

      1. You are correct Bob Mac, Haweli it is!! Sorry I forgot to put their name in.

        1. My co-workers and I were recently disappointed to figure out that Haweli recently started making their butter chicken by using tandoori chicken and throwing butter chicken sauce on it. They claimed that they've always made it that way, but none of us remember tasting tandoori in it during the many, many times we've been there. Their naan still rocks though!

          Another place I like to go to is Curry Fix inside the Commerce Place food court. It's not fancy and they have only a small selection, but their food tastes good.

          1. To each their own - butter chicken should only be made with tandoori chicken, in my opinion, which gives it a great smoky complexity. I avoid eating it in places that shortcut the preparation by just putting plain chicken (and worse, using flavourless white meat) in the sauce. The rice at Haweli is terrible ('basmati' but no fragrance and broken grains) but I like everything else I've tried there.

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              I have had their lunch buffet, but wont go again after after one evening when trying them for dinner the "host" or owner tried to convince me that the orange food coloring they use in their biryani was real saffron. It makes me wonder what other corners they are cutting