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Sherman Oaks Frozen Yogurt - Like Pinkberry?

I noticed a frozen yogurt place called Limelight or something like that in the Sherman Oaks strip mall where Baby Donuts (not good) used to be. Anyone been? I am a Pinkberry fan and am wondering if it is similar or if it is especially good?

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  1. Have patience, the pink tornado is rumored to be readying a location in Sherman Oaks, although I have to confirm its location before saying anything on this board. If it does happen, it will cause major chaos for 2 reasons, one the obvious, and the other is the tenant being replaced.
    Stay tuned.

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      Why does that make me think Weiner Factory? I've been hearing things about the businesses on that block.

        1. re: Jwsel

          NOT the Weiner Factory.

          I stopped there tonight after work and asked them.

          Definitely NOT!

          Great dinner!

        2. re: carter

          Yes the Wiener factory is going to close it was on the news not that long ago the owner Kevin has confirmed they are closing down. The rumored is that Pinkberry is to be going in that location.

        3. I actually like it better than Pinkberry. Plus the couple that runs it are very nice. But yes, the same concept.

          1. It's pretty good. When I went, they were still getting going, and only had a plain tart flavor and a green tea flavor, but the man behind the counter said more flavors would be coming, as would be expanding the number of available mix-ins.

            I think what I really like about limelight are the aesthetics; it's got a very minimal, sleek feel inside. The man also said it was sweetened with fructose, (so good for my diabetic friend) and it has like 25 or 30 calories per ounce, like run of the mill yogurt. Something about the interior though makes the whole experience feel like a "cleansing" experience... the yogurt may not be a health food per se, but they've done a good job in creating an atmosphere that emits a feeling of minimal damage :)

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              Where in Sherman Oaks is Limelight?

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                It's in the center on the south side of Ventura Blvd. just east of Noble - where the Starbucks and Baskin-Robbins are.

            2. What is with this yogurt craze? Its taking over LA. I see lines for the one in WEHO that are 20 min long. I can't see waiting in a long line for yogurt that is over-priced. I think its another one of those LA trends.

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                I agree! Me, I'm sticking to my fave "secret" yogurt spot.

              2. There's also a really good yogurt place on Ventura Blvd in Encino (16060 Ventura Blvd
                Encino, CA 91436) called "Yogurt Zone". Sounds kinda lame & the logo seems un-hip, but the yogurt is good, and the interior is nicely designed. It's in a mini-mall on the SE corner of Ventura & Woodley.

                They have the trendy sour yogurt (called Vanilla Dream (PB) ), The PB stands for PeachBerry. The yogurt is neither vanilla nor peachy, but it's just as good as PinkBerry, if not better.

                Perhaps their best selling point & differentiator, is that they have a really large selection of yummy dry toppings (nuts, chocolate chips, marshmallows & a lot more) and the fruit toppings are are nicely displayed & kept fresh in bins on a frozen slab.

                They also have good, sweet flavors of non-fat yogurt, including a killer Double Dutch Chocolate, a Chocolate Malt flavor, and Marshmallow flavor. They also have non-dairy yogurt & Carbolite.

                All in all, a solid place, nice staff, clean interior and gooooood yogurt.

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                  This place has been here FOREVER. And they carry my favorite Wow Cow, and generally 3-4 flavors of it. Plus, they carry other sugar-free, low-far, and low-carb type diet products.

                  1. re: Emme

                    NO! Yogurt Zone is BAD. STAY AWAY FROM YOGURT ZONE. I 'd hate to see longer lines keeping me from my favoirte creamy...., I mean, ahem, uhhhh, you won't like it. Yeah, that's the ticket.

                2. Went to Limelight today. Almost identical to Pinkberry though I still prefer Pinkberry. The frozen yogurt at Limelight reminded me of Italian ice and is the same price as Pinkberry. Did like the mod interiors.

                  1. I was near a Pinkberry (the one on Vermont) the other day, had some time to kill before the movie, and figured I'd break down and sample the stuff. The least expensive serving on the board (I just wanted to see what it tasted like) was something like $2.50 for 6 oz. -- don't get ahead of me, here, Pinkberry regulars

                    The server asked what topping I'd like; I came up with blueberry. At which point the $2.50 became more like $4, for 6 oz. and a spoonful of fruit.

                    I ain't that crazy, and I sure ain't that trendy.

                    1. I think we should bring out own banana or raspberries to cut down on costs! I like this kind of yogurt but I think the toppings are a rip off.

                      1. Don't forget about Humphrey's over on Van Nuys, just north of Ventura (in the Gelsons shopping center). Been in love with that place forever. I started driving there when I still lived in Hollywood and they closed the one at Beverly Connection

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                          Yes, I have never had Pinkberry, but I love Humphrey Yogart! It's the type of place one will have cravings for. I also love 21 choices in Pasadena and Claremont. Yum!

                        2. CeFiore just opened in Encino
                          and i absolutely loovvvee it
                          the bottom floor of The Spot or Yamato
                          its really good
                          more flavors
                          fresher toppings
                          just better
                          i tried the one at little tokyo in the beginning and am absolutely pumped that they made one near where i live
                          definitely a place to try out