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Does anyone remember Tom and Jerrys?

It is kind of a hot egg nog and simple to make as an individual drink or a punch. I remember irt being popular lat 50's early 60's and definitely a Christmastime drink. My Spode Christmas Tree patterened mugs were sold as Tom and Jerry mugs. It kind of went away.

Below is a link to a recipe. When that cold front hits I may have to dust off some mugs and give it a try.


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  1. I absolutely remember Christmases with my family centered around the Tom and Jerry bowl. My Hub has an old thrift store set emblazoned with gaudy Tom and Jerry messages, and we were just discussing it viv-a-vis the holidays. Maybe another retro drink whose time has come again?

    Do you use the recipe you posted or do you use the batter one can buy?

    1. I have never seen the batter available here in south central Indiana. There are a number of recipes out there maybe a Tom and Jerry recipe taste off is required and we can all post the results.

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        A taste-off with warm alcoholic beverages is rarely a problem. I'll get the hub right on it and hopefully have some guest responses within the next two weeks.

        Let me know what you determine?

      2. Will do. I was just looking at a recipe from the orig. NY Times Cookbook. It makes enough for 12 so I'll have to look into cutting it back a bit.

        1. Thanks for the reminder. I hadn't thought of them in YEARS! They were part of the holiday tradition in my family. I'll put them on the menu for a family get together I'm hosting this year.

          1. Wow, it's been a long time since I've had a Tom & Jerry. I have fond memories of sipping them with my grandmother around the holidays. I'm a sucker for warm alcoholic drinks.

            1. Yes, they were a holiday tradition. Without alcohol for the kiddies, but very high octane for adults.

              1. Candy, are you still in on this?

                I'm making my shopping list, and the pre-made batter is on it. We'll do two tastings: pre-made batter and a recipe I will post (Googling...)


                1. I just came across a new version. You make your batter and add one 7-oz jar of marshmallow creme. Will give it a try over the holidays.

                  1. ....sounds rather like Eggnog minus the cream and nutmeg....
                    Tom and Jerry--the low(er)fat eggnog?

                    1. Why, of course, they're why I became addicted to alcohol at age three!! (just kiddin')

                      Thank you for posting a link to the recipe!

                      1. Yes I have fond memories, my parents always made them during the holidays. I tried a premade batter, it was ok. Was it Traders?

                        1. there are several places in Boston making them. No. 9 Park and Eastern Standard are two, if you happen to be in the area.

                          1. Yes, there was the Tom and Jerry bowl and mugs, but the fancy glass swizzle sticks make them even more special! My grandfather has swizzle sticks with little whistles on top, so you can whistle for another one when your mug was empty.

                            Oh, on top of the Tom and Jerry, sprinkle multi-colored sprinkles. They sort of melt into the warm foam and the color spreads out.

                            1. I've been going through recipes, that are all more or less the same.
                              Next question, what's the preferred mix?
                              They all say, hot milk, hot coffee, or hot water.


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                                When I was a kid I liked eating the batter right out of the cardboard tub it came in when no one was looking.

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                                  We always did and do hot water. I tried a recipe from the web tonight and it was crap, then my sister in law arrived, and confirmed the batter I'd made was crap. Her recipe, which I've had, and is very good, is this...

                                  4 eggs separated, yolks in one bowl, whites in the second
                                  1 cup powdered sugar added to each bowl
                                  beat each bowl separately, getting the whites to soft peaks
                                  fold together, add a bit of vanilla if desired

                                  Boil water, 1-2 oz rum and or brandy to mug, add batter, pour in hot water, top with nutmeg, cinnamon, or colored sprinkles... Sorry, don't know the exact proportions, depends on how rich you want it I suppose.

                                2. Childhood revisited! Boozeless, of course. Until I got older... '-)

                                  The eggless Siamese twin of Tom and Jerries is hot buttered rum. I think it's even better. Both from the same era, but hot buttered rum is a real snow chaser! Here's a recipe:

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                                    Good point that these are great for kids with just batter and hot water.

                                  2. What's all this "was" and "remember when"????

                                    We are working on our second tub of it, just my husband and I. It is so good. We will be bringing it to my parents' too, where we will drink it down.

                                    And, it is everywhere here. All of the liquor stores and grocery stores carry it, even the high end ones. Love, love, love the stuff.