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Nov 29, 2006 08:10 PM

Lundum's on Old Brompton Road

I am a Yank and was in town earlier this month, looking for a good meal. This place came highly recommended by some English friends, so my chap and I decided to give it a go. Unfortunately, my entree was awful (tasted like they had added the entire contents of the salt shaker) and we were so turned off we decided to skip dessert and just go back to the pub down the street. Then it took 40 minutes to get the check, as we were completely ignored. I am just wondering if anyone else has opinions on this place. Was it just an off night? I cannot figure it out and am still sad over such a waste of an evening.

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  1. I went there about a year ago with a fairly large family group, about 14 of us, including my Danish brother-in-law who, at first did not want to go there because he thought it would be a travesty.

    Although I can't remember precisely what we had, our resident Dane pronounced it to be OK, which probably means that it was very good. Everyone else seemed to enjoy it, including me.

    Sorry I can't be more detailed with my recollections, but that's what happens!