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Nov 29, 2006 08:03 PM

Spiciest dishes on/near Westside?

I've seen posts directing people to Thai Town or SGV but I'm looking for some pain a little closer to home. Help! It's cold outside and I need to cauterize my sinuses!

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  1. Try the Camarones a La Diabla at Lares Mexican restaurant in Santa Monica. Stupid spicy! It'll deliver the pain you're looking for.

    2909 Pico Blvd.
    Santa Monica, CA 90405
    Phone: 310-829-4559

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    1. re: JimN

      Mi Ranchito has the same dish, it's also hot. I remind them that I like it hot, because one time they "gringoed" it.

      Mi Ranchito also does this dish for breakfast with huevos. I like it a lot as a hangover cure. I'm not sure if it cures my hangover, but the heat and sweat makes me feel better after a night of drinking.

    2. Akbar Cuisine of India on Wilshire - 3 is I think medium and you can ask for way higher. Hint: approach carefully - a 4 may scorch.

      1. Hogans' Hero's This place makes a chili, so hot, that you eat it with a toothpick ! Really ! Someone please go and tell me that this place is not the spiciest food in the world !

        1. Gate of India in Santa Monica does curried chilis that are unbelievable. So darned good.

          1. The ceviche at Monte Alban packs quite a wallop.