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Nov 29, 2006 08:00 PM

Antidote to the Holidays - "Weird Theme" suggestions requested

I must be really bored with food right now. Or maybe it's all the turkey we've been eating.

Between the great American Turkey Feast, our family's upcoming Christmas, and New Year's, I will be dealing with a lot of food I could make in my sleep. Not that I don't like it, but it gets a little, well, predictable.

I am looking for some "theme" suggestions from the boards so I at least have an early January dinner party to plan as an antidote to all the rote.

Last year, I convinced the Hub to have us host an All Molded Food party. Triple-tiered/triple-meat meatloaf, piped-into-a-spiral-and-baked cheesy potato puree, salmon in aspic with all the floaty flower-shaped garnishes in the gel, jello molds - you get the picture. It was wonderfully surreal, very Gourmet circa 1952, and I was completely safe from repeating myself as far as menu went.

It was so fun, that I want to do another sort-of-surreal dinner again. Wasn't it Alfred Hitchcock who hosted a dinner where all the food was dyed blue, just to skew the guests' perception of the food?

Do any of you have a twisted sense of humor with food and have a theme suggestion? Just to be clear: as much as I like high-octane punch and some grilled seafood, I am not looking for a Caribbean night, or any of the "usual." My hope is a high-concept set of foods that are 1) good to eat, i.e. wil not make most guests gag; 2) conform to the theme, and 3)have the added bonus of not being what people would normally get their hands on at a dinner/buffet.

Maybe a tall order, but there must be a bunch of you out there with odd fantasy meals. I'd welcome your input. It will get me through the season.

I appreciate it.

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  1. Pick a color. Every food made has to be prepared so that it's "naturally" that color. No food coloring. So green would get you salads, veggies, possibly some kind of green curry...

    1. Street food from around the world. Everything has to be something you would buy on the street in some major city.

      1. Good-things-on-a-stick party. Drinks: bloody marys, martinis w/ olive and toothpick... Appetizers: satay, anything on a toothpick, etc. Main course: kebabs Dessert: smores, ice cream bars, etc.

        Added bonuses: 1) no utensils to wash and 2) your guests will be amazed by your hip awareness of a new food trend

        1. Pick a letter. Serve foods that begin with it. Or foods that end with it. Or foods that do not include said letter. Challenge guests to figure out what the connection is between all your dishes served.

          1. Trompe l'oeil food party. Every dish looks like something that it's not. i.e. burrata and golden beet slices = sunny side up eggs with proscuitto "bacon" or some kind of wild rice/lentil side dish molded into a turkey, cupcakes that look like sushi for dessert or ??? Your challenge is to dream them up and impress your guests.

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              Love the tromp l'oeil! Fits with my self-imposed surrealist need!

              Great - keep 'em coming!

              1. re: amandine

                Another tromp l'oeil suggestion - a "pizza" made with brownie batter in a pizza pan, with white chocolate for mozzarella, and dark chocolate and nuts for the toppings.

                1. re: amandine

                  Trompe l'oeil dessert suggestion... slice pound cake into 1/2 inch thick matchsticks, toast until golden brown, serve in a french fry container with a side of raspberry coulis as your "ketchup"