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Nov 29, 2006 07:41 PM

Wine for Clients?

I need some really good but not too pricey wine to send to clients for christmas... most probably red...around $25?


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  1. Italian Wine Merchants in NYC sells La Spinetta 2001 Barbera "Ca di Pain" for $25.90 a bottle. An excellent wine for the money.

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    1. re: Husky

      I concur. It's one of my favorite Barberas--delicious, easy to appreciate and available at many stores besides Italian Wine Merchants.

      Barberas produced by Coppo are also excellent.

    2. Send them a great Cali Zinfandel... probably the best red wine you can find in that price range.... look for a great 99 or perhaps 2001...

      You can also get some beautiful Valpolicella Classico Superiore Ripassos for that price... a wine that's very easy to like and matches alot of food. Of recent years, 2003 is looking quite interesting.

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      1. re: Chicago Mike

        yes the lable rippassa is excellent and i've seen it from 17 - 25 $

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          I love Sonoma County zinfandel. My favorite bottle of the year is Seghesio Sonoma County zin. Around $15, or you can get the reserve/old vine for around $30. But honestly (and a few different wine clerks have said this to me) the $15 one is so good it's hard to get a better one until you go over $35.

        2. Are you buying wine for people who like wine or those who usually just grab and go at the grocery store?

          Just asking because we've given wine as gifts for many years and usually go with brand names the client will recognize and admire. Those who are wine connoisseurs would appreciate a unique and special wine, those who are not usually appreciate a name brand bottle with mainstream tastes they can bring to a friend's holiday party.

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            This is so true. But if you don't want to be boring and add yet another bottle of Gallo or Beringer to their collection, print out a short description of the wine you do choose. That way they'll know "Oh, this is a classic French Boudeaux blend/German riesling/California zinfandel/Australian Shiraz" and know that you put thought into it and didn't just grab and go at the supermarket.

          2. I echo "freecia's" reply. If you know your clients well enough, or have time to do some sleuthing (admin assistants are a great source for information), it's important to understand their drinking preferences. You can do as much harm as good giving the "wrong" wine. For a fantastic selection that can be searched by price, if desired, check K&L Wine Merchants. They are located in the Bay Area (California), but ship to all places legally allowed. Their website maintains a virtually realtime inventory status, and they import many wines directly, providing a better priced product to consumers.

            No, I do not work for them. I am simply a very satisfied customer. If you have questions, call them. Most of their buyers are in the Redwood City store and are available during the weekdays. Great guys.

            1. One small warning: make sure they drink alcohol before giving them a bottle of wine. I know it's a stretch, but some people may be offended (recovering alcoholics, Mormons, etc.) With business clients, better safe than sorry !