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Nov 29, 2006 07:16 PM

Fish market in Sunnyside?

Anyone have a recommendation for a good fish market in Sunnyside? All of the regular grocery stores in the 'hood have pathetic fish selections. I've been to the market on QB between 43rd and 44th St. (or between 42nd and 43rd, can't remember), but it's disappointing and I was wondering if there's anything better on the south side of the Boulevard (I live on the north side). Thanks!

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  1. I like Fish House. It's on 42nd Street, just south of Greenpoint Ave. It's clean, friendly and the fish is fresh. It's Korean owned, but they will also do fried fish and chips with your catch!

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    1. re: SunnysideUp

      Do you know their hours, by chance?
      Their prices tend to be higher than those at the monger the OP is talking about. But they are definitely a lot cleaner looking.

      1. re: tracyk

        I am looking at an old menu (weird, I forgot they do a lot of prepared fish dishes; I mostly think of them as a monger). It says Monday to Saturday, 9 AM to 8:30 PM and Sunday, 9 AM to 6 PM. Phone is 718-482-7588. I hope this helps. They deliver, too.

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          Thank you!
          I am so excited to hear they are open on Sundays! I often trek to the market on Broadway in Astoria on Sundays. I just can't buy fish at Stop and Shop or Pathmark anymore. Even their shrimp is hardly passable.

          1. re: tracyk

            Have you tried ordering fish from FreshDirect?

    2. Ugh, fish at the Pathmark or S&S is a joke. I will buy the bagged, frozen uncooked shrimp at the S&S, but that's IT. Also, the Associated Supermarket on 44th St. and Greenpoint, which I like for general shopping (their prices are WAY better than the Key Food, S&S or Pathmark) just opened a fish counter that makes me gag - awful!!!!!! I will check out Fish House. Also, there used to be a fish market on 44th or 45th St. and 47th Ave (I think, I can never remember the streets) that looked decent - does anyone know of one on that block and if so, whether it's good? Thanks!

      1. No!! I got bad fish - really awful frozen rotten shrimp - from the place on QB, 43rd-44th. Then I switched to fish store- - daily catch, something catch,
        at 30th and 30th in astoria, and just got bad scallops and bad clams both in one trip. unbelievable.

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        1. re: sunnysides

          sounds like you have a major problem here

          three disasters in three attempts

          try the farmers market in JH on sunday morning. nothing has been out of the ocean more than 48 hours. if that strikes you as rotten, my only advice is to get a boat and start casting :)

          1. re: david sprague

            Where is there a farmer's market on Sunday morning? What is JH?

          2. re: sunnysides

            if you're buying shrimp, you're better off with Costco, for their frozen shrimp---unless you're getting fresh florida shrimp or rock shrimp. Most places all have frozen shrimp and just defrost it. Citarella has terrific fresh rock shrimp, and I've yet to find good dry scallops anywhere in Queens.

          3. No, it's all kind of iffy in Sunnyside, I've found. I wind up buying from near where I work and transport home. (Dag Hammarskjold greenmarket on Wednesdays, or $$$ at Grand Central Market.)

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            1. re: Up With Olives

              Actually, the most awesome fish monger who is usually in east village greenmarket is at the Sunnyside Greenmarket on Saturdays in the far corner. He has the best fish (and scallops and calamari) and the best prices that I've ever found in NYC.

              1. re: tabs

                THANKS!! I haven't been to the local this year yet.