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Nov 29, 2006 06:49 PM

Private Dining for 9

Does anyone have any good recs for a holiday party - private dining for 9 people in the Boston area? Thanks!

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  1. Eastern Standard has a nice back room that is private. Some friends and I had dinner in there once and I thought it was great.

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      I second Eastern Standard, it's great there, food and service-wise. Avila also has private space.

    2. private room at Tremont 647 holds b/w 8-12 people -- cozy room. You can order off the regular menu, which is nice.

      1. We need more info in order to help. Where is your ideal location(s)? What kind of food do folks prefer? How big is the budget?

        For example, Locke-Ober has some of the most amazing private dining rooms in Boston and the experience will be wonderful. But the price tag will be steep.

        1. BB - We went to LockeOber two years ago and last year we went to Capital Grille in Chestnut Hill. Our only complaint about CG in Chestnut Hill was that it was too far away from public transportation for people to get home. Other than that, the food and atmosphere was fantastic. So, something in the "LockeOber" price range is okay. If the restaurant has the typical fish, steak, etc. on the menu that would be great too.