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Nov 29, 2006 06:45 PM

Late lunch Sunday in Berkeley / Oakland?

Having a late lunch with some highly critical palates. Where has great food, interesting old-world wine, and serves a full, non-brunch menu between 2pm and 4:30 on Sunday?

My first choices would be Chez Panisse, Oliveto, Pizzaiolo, Dopo, or A Cote, but they're all closed. Luka's has brunch till 3 and then only the limited bar menu. Cafe Rouge, lunch till 3 but then only the limited bar menu. Sea Salt, love the food but I'm not happy with their wine list. Cafe Rouge, limited bar menu only.

Cesar would work. Anyplace else?

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  1. Eccolo's "brunch" menu has a full breakfast and lunch selection until 4pm and you can order from the bar menu after 4pm.

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      I second the rec for Eccolo. I've been there for lunch or brunch at least five times in the past few months, and I've loved every meal. I'm partial to the chicken crisped under a brick (juicy meat, crispy skin, and excellet quality avocado on the side), the wild salmon salad, and the eggs benedict. They also do a damn good guac burger and fries, and will cook it rare if you ask nice. The food is much better than Cesar. Plus, you can follow it up with dessert at Sketch.

      1. re: Melanie Wong

        Had a great leisurely late lunch at Eccolo yesterday (one of the few places open Labor Day afternoon). Lucked out and got one of the four patio tables to enjoy the glorious weather.

        Salumi and cheese platter was great.

        Canelloni with fresh ricotta and tomato sauce, very nice.

        Chicken "under a brick" with heirloom tomato salad was great, reminded me of those warm Thai salads with meat.

        "Tuscan fries" were thin strips like at Cesar, closer to potato chips than fries.

        Would have tried the burger but my friend wasn't in the mood, so we got the croque monsieur, which was spectacular, as good as the best I've had in Paris.

        Would have tried the steak and poached eggs with salsa verde but by that time they'd switched to the afternoon bar menu.

        Service was polished and professional. Wine list is on the spendy side, selection of good whites around $30 but there weren't any reds under $60 that really appealed to us.

        This was such a good meal I think I'll try dinner again soon. Definitely supplants Cesar as #1 on my short list of places for a decadent late lunch.

        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          I'm so glad that you enjoyed Eccolo, Robert. I was there on Monday as well. Had an ethereal fish and chips: expertly fried cod, and a well balanced tartar sauce. It put Sea Salt's to shame. Our server said she was selling them all day, so hopefully it will become a regular dish on the menu.

        1. I've had a lovely late sunday lunch at Sea Salt on San Pablo in Berkeley. They're open 11:30am-10pm everyday. www.

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          1. re: zaftig

            If only they'd improve the wine list.

            1. re: Robert Lauriston

              Oh how I second that! I love their food but I am always disappointed with what is available to drink with it.

              1. re: Armoise

                Which has always surprised me, given Lalime's.

            2. Somerset on College (near Chabot) is excellent. Use to be Ms. Milley's in SF in Noe Valley. Their breakfasts and dinners are excellent and orignal, despite what looks to be an otherwise plain looking menu. I have not been there for lunch but everything for breakfast and dinner that I have had three times in the last month has been very good and reasonably priced. Also, very nice atmosphere if you are taking someone out. BUT I am not sure of the time so call them first.

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              1. I've never been there, but I do here nice reports every so often.
                What about Trader Vic's?