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Nov 29, 2006 06:37 PM

Artisan chocolates in Canada?

I'd like to send some friends a box of artisan quality chocolates. There are American companies that ship, but I'm looking for a Canadian company (read: cheaper shipping). Any recommends? Thanks.

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  1. Soma in the Distillery District.

    Also see this thread:

    1. Soma is wonderful (though I didn't know they shipped). Another good option is Bernard Callebaut out of Calgary.


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        Bernard Callebaut is a wonderful Canadian (with roots in Europe) chocolate maker, I have met Bernard (while doing some work for the company) and he is a great family man who really loves his work.

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          On my last visit to Toronto in May I visited Soma and was told they regularly shipped gifts out to the east coast so I would assume there wouldn't be a problem shipping elsewhere.

          Personally, I would lean towards Soma but Bernard Callebaut or JS Bonbons would also be good choices.

        2. For one more source, you might try Odile Chocolat in Toronto. I tasted Odile's chocolates at the One of a Kind show in T.O.a couple of days ago. They're very high quality, unusual, and taste wonderful.If you'd like to check out the website, it's <http://www.odilechocolat.com/>

          1. These are bars, not filled chocolates, but http://www.littlegreenolive.com sells Amedei Chocolate (as well as a bunch of other gourmet food). Amedei is an award winning company from Tuscany that some feel makes the best chocolate in the world. All I know is that they taste great!

            1. What about Rogers Chocolates from BC? I haven't had them in a long time, but I remember them being excellent.

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                I second Rogers. High quality, nice packaging.
                Here is a link to their site.


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                  Rogers isn't really "artisan" - it's decent chocolate if you like it super sweet. Bernard Callebaut is definitely a step up, but if you want truly special chocolates go no further than Thomas Haas in North Vancouver. http://www.thomashaas.com/
                  He's recently started his own chocolate business, after many years of success as the star of Vancouver's pastry arts. (His sparkle cookies are worth a try as well.)