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Nov 29, 2006 06:32 PM

Had to post it...

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  1. Candied grasshoppers ... mmmm. Just don't use HFCS ... real sugar is the key.

    Well, at least I know where the term butterflies in your stomach came from.

    Love the cookbook link ... Entertaining with Insects ... Just in time for the holiday season ... and link to other insect-food sites like this ...

    Insect cheese dip
    Chocolate chip cookies with crickets
    Popcorn, honey and bugs

    There's this club in NY that has an annual insect dinner and the organizer was on Letterman with dishes. Letterman's reaction was classic and even the guy who organizes the dinner admitted you wouldn't want to eat this stuff unless starving.

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    1. re: rworange

      Insects make fine Chow... better than most mall food found around the country... when people know what they are doing.

      The recent resurgence of Insects & Invertebrates in Mexico's high end restaurants proves there are people who are willing to pay for them. In addition, it represents a most honorable act... there is a group of environmentalists that promotes insect cuisine as a way for delivering very high quality, low environmental impact protein to the starving around the world. By supporting them as a glamorous food, socially conscious Mexicans are paving the way for their use as ingredients in staples like corn tortillas etc.,

      1. re: Eat_Nopal

        In Oaxaca, chapulines, or tiny grasshoppers, were a really common snack food. It was no big deal - like having potato chips, almost. They were fried and served with chile and salt.

        You could also find sellers with pans of fat, wriggling maguey worms at the markets. They could be toasted and eaten or ground into a powder that was mixed with salt to make "sal de gusano" (worm salt) that was used to rim drinks.

        1. re: Snackish

          Yeah I have seen them there (I actually enjoyed gusanos when they were "melted" into molcajete salsas).

          If I am not mistaken, insects have made a "comeback" among the monolingual mainstreamers... a few decades back they had connotations of backwardness.

    2. They actually discuss that NYC insect dinner somewhere on the site.

      And my own favorite bit was someone starting the Sunrise Land Shrimp Company:

      Heck it is right in Providence RI, I ought to drive down and pick up some snacks.

      1. Makes me think of one of my family's favorite "embarrass you" tales. Apparently when I was a six year old, my older cousins were showing off some novelty store purchase: chocolate covered bumblebees and ants. What's a six-year-old to do? Pop it in the mouth.

        Just tasted like Nestle's Crunch anyway.

        Now if someone can give me a culinary use for the grain miller moths that occasionally come home in bulk-food co-op purchases, I would be grateful. But please, nothing using a chocolate fountain.

        I've outgrown that phase.