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Nov 29, 2006 06:31 PM

Will this turkeystock be useable, how ?

I had planned to make stock with Thanksgiving leftovers. To my sad surprise my sister threw out the carcass. I was left with 2 legs, 2 wings(all with skin intact)and a cup or so of white meat. It gets worse, I had no aromatics to add to the stock, also too busy to run and get some. Anyway I still made the stock which was a beautiful clear, golden stock and had a satisfying aroma. After cooling I froze it and now since I did not taste it, I wonder if this will be flavorful at all. By the way I started with 6 cups of water and had a yield of just under 3 cups. So now what do I have in my freezer, a waste or a good component for a pan sauce, or maybe a pilaf? Any other suggestions to try this in?

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  1. Better to have a stock to which you can add aromatics than a stock that has something you wish you could take out.

    You have, most likely, a lovely blank canvas. You can always punch up the flavor with a little mirepoix and some thyme, then simmer a bit and strain. Or, use whatever seasonings you're in the mood for. You've probably got a nicely concentrated turkey flavor, too - especially given that you used the wings and had a reduction by half.

    Definitely not waste. Don't chuck it.

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      Agreed, cayjohan. This stock would be tremendous as a poaching base and sounds perfect to reduce for sauce.