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Nov 29, 2006 06:10 PM

Where in Toronto can I find unbleached flour for rolls?

At least in downtown Toronto it is difficult to find unbleached flour. Sometimes all-purpose flour is unbleached, but is there actually such a thing as unbleached for bread and rolls?

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  1. Apparently Five Roses makes unbleached bread flour, but I've never seen it in a store.

    I do know that the Sobey's on St. Clair just east of Yonge carries Five Roses unbleached all-purpose, if that helps.

    1. I know that Bulk Barn carries unbleached flour.

      1. The Vital Planet health food store in the North St. Lawrence Market building, fronting onto the pedestrian area where Rainbow Cinemas are, carries a variety of different flours in bulk. I'm pretty sure a number of them are unbleached. Their phone number is 416-366-4353.

        1. I've seen Unbleached Flour in a few groceries stores in my neighbourhood. Dominion @ Shopper's World & Loblaws @ Leslie/Lakeshore, I believe both carry it.

          Canadian 'All Purpose' flour is fine for bread; I'm given to understand that American 'All Purpose' flour has a lower gluten content that makes bread-specific flours more appealing.

          1. Probably most, if not every, decent natural-foods or health-food store will have unbleached flours. Or try the flour section of Rube's Rice at St. Lawrence market. Many supermarkets also carry unbleached organic all-purpose.