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Nov 29, 2006 06:03 PM

Sushi in Madrid (and/or Barcelona)

Hi we're travelling for a few weeks in Madrid and (shortly) Barcelona. We've been enjoying all of the local food non-stop and now are craving a good sushi dinner. Any suggestions for where is a good/great place to get sushi in Madrid (or Barcelona for next week)? THANKS!!

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  1. You might try Kabuki (between the Bernabeu and Estrecho metro stops on c/Presidente Carmona, 2) or Miyama (in the center on c/Flor Baja, 5)--both have a sort of creative Spanish fusion bent that makes use of local ingredients that could be interesting. Kabuki is more daring (and pricey). If you can read Spanish, here are a couple of reviews and general info:



    Japanese in Madrid

    And another place that I go to for day-to-day sashimi:

    1. I´m sorry...but who craves sushi while in Spain???????With all the great seafood there is and the different ways they make it i cant believe someone would crave sushi!!!!!

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        "I´m sorry...but who craves sushi while in Spain???????"

        In fact many of the Spanish national soccer team players, in short the world champions.
        Quite a few of them - led by Puyol - even formed the "sushi-team" when they were in South Africa. Certainly kept them in great form.

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          Another reason to love Carles Puyol.

      2. Try restaurant "Tao". No idea where it is in Madrid, somewhere in the center (I remember Calle Serrano is near) The food is great.

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          Calle Serrano is nowhere near downtown...Calle Serrano is the shopping and commercial district by barrio Salamanca

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            You see, I don't know anything about Madrid, but I do know the Japanese restaurant TAO is a good place to eat sushi

        2. In Madrid,I'd recommend you:

          "Miyama" (Calle Flor Baja)

          "Shiratori" (Paseo de la Castellana)

          "Ginza"(Carrera de San Jerónimo-right next to the Parliament)

          "19 sushi Bar"- Calle de la Salud- *On my last visit to this restaurant,I saw Tom Cruise there(do not know what was he doing in MAD)

          "Pink Sushiman"-Calle Caballero deGracia-Very cheap,hip and trendy Japanese "restaurant (kaiten sushi)-They may not have the best sushi in the world but for only 15 € you can have a look at what young modern Spain is about.

          "Kabuki"-Fantastic restaurant,but with some Japanese-Mediterranean fusion notes.

          In Barcelona there's literally TONS of Japanese restaurants and Sushi bars.A fantastic option in BCN is "El Japonés" (literally,"The Japanese").Fantastic fish quality at reasonable prices

          PS-Take a look at this blog ( ) - Blog by a guy from Barcelona with good recommendations on BCN and MAD Japanese restaurants.

          (Written in Spanish,do not know if there's an English version)

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            I love 19 sushi bar on Calle Salud - It's actually Japanese/Peruvian - quite pricey, but original, and very attractive.

          2. Personally, I don't think great sushi exists in Barcelona...or at least not yet. It is a shame because Barcelona has some of the best seafood in the world.

            If you are craving for something Japanese-esque that uses the best locally caught and produced ingredients, you might want to check out Shojiro in the neighborhood of Garcia. The chef is Japanese but has lived in Barcelona for decades so he does Japanese-Catalan fusion. It is not sushi but it might be a good compromise between taking advantage of local seafood and traditional Catalan dishes with a Japanese interpretation. Plus, the place is small and intimate.

            Here is a English review: