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Nov 29, 2006 05:51 PM

Jewel Bako question by pregnant woman

Hi, we are going to Jewel Bako tonight for dinner, I am pregnant therefore I can't eat raw fish. Do they have some other food besides sushi and sashimi? I've been looking for the menu everywhere but I can't find it.


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  1. jewel bako is basically sushi only. you're probably going to be stuck with appetizers, which i imagine might be tough if you're eating for two? maybe you should go to nobu or megu instead. same price (if comparing to the omakase at jewel bako) but more cooked dishes. i'm also a fan of EN, the tofu place. yum.

    1. i agree w/ the above poster...Jewel Bako is really just for the raw fish -- cancel the reservation and go elsewhere...JB's chef left a couple months ago anyway, and i haven't heard any testimonials about the current really makes no sense to go there if you can't eat the sushi...

      i'd recommend Honmura An - get the tasting menu, let your dining companion eat the one sashimi course, and feast of soba, cooked jumbo prawns, veggies, etc...

      1. Two days away from my due date so I feel your pain...

        You can eat plenty of appetizers, which I personally love to do, plus eel, shrimp, avocado rolls, vegetable rolls, etc. Perhaps you can have them sear the albacore a bit more... You get the idea!

        Have not been to JB so I do not know the menu but...I never have trouble finding what to eat at a sushi place, enjoy wherever you go!