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Momofuku Noodle bar

My stepmom is treating me to lunch. What should I order? Any favorites?

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  1. whatever you do, be sure to order something with the Berkshire Pork in it. UGH. TO DIE FOR. I love the Momofuku Ramen. And the Pork Buns.

      1. Ramen with pork belly and pork buns.

        If they have sweetbreads and you like sweetbreads i would order a plate of this as well.

        1. and the pickles! the pickle plate is really fun.

          1. pickle plate and steamed pork buns are an absolute must.

            1. We ordered the steamed pork buns and a plate of the brussel sprouts with bacon & kimchee puree for appetizers. And I had the braised oxtail for an entree. Wowowowow!!! I can't remember the last time a meal made me that just ... happy! Wow, it was so great, I'm still smiling. There was WAY too much of the oxtail to eat after the two small plates, so I've got the rest to look forward to with a salad at dinner.

              1. I finally went to Momofuku a few days ago. Some thoughts:

                1. Buns. Everyone raves about the buns, but...whassa big deal? At the price of nine dollars for two small buns (we ordered the Berkshire pork ones), I can hardly get excited. They were also a bit too salty. I couldn't help but be reminded of the Peking duck that is sometimes offered at higher-end Asian buffets, prepared in approximately the same way (same steamed man-tou bun, same hoisin sauce, but with shredded cucumber and scallions). And I think I actually enjoy those more. I understand the main point might be the difference between the duck and the pork here, and so I can't compare them, but so shoot me, I have.

                2. Overwhelming pork fat. Maybe I just need to be an undying pork fat lover to appreciate this place. I like the stuff, just not in the overly heavy way it seemed to permeate everything I ate there. I ordered the Momofuku ramen, which was tasty at first, but then quickly became sickening. The shredded pork mushily blended into the noodles, which was ok, but with the pieces of soft white fat that were the whole pieces of pork belly, I just couldnt bring myself to also eat them after already eating so much straight pork fat in the pork buns.

                3. My companions ordered the braised oxtail and kimchi stew entrees, both of which were tasty. Though, I suspect that (as with my ramen) if I had to eat a whole bowl of either of them I'd soon start to find them sickening.

                Anyway, I'm glad I went just to see what the fuss was about, but I probably wouldn't go out of my way to eat there again.


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                  here hear . . . . those pork buns are hella lame, I'd drop to province anytime . . .

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                    I liked your well-argued review, but I disagree with it. I'm from the school that believes divine, silky pork belly is the poor man's foie gras. This is a bit off topic, but seriously... there should be more lard and pork fat in *everything*. For example, don't get me started on low-fat Mexican cuisine: refried beans or tamales made without lard.... ugh!

                    Anyway, I still appreciate your point of view, especially if you believe pork fat makes a wonderful accent to a dish, but should not be its focus.

                    btw, I generally like Momofoku, though I have found their seafood offerings average and their (wonderful) beer expensive.

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                      I'd second the pork fat (and various other animal fats; sorry trans fat!) as an ingredient but sometimes, it can only be the focus if for instance, its nice and crisp in thai-style twice-cooked pork, or maybe red-braised in chinese cuisine, or deep-fried in typical cuchifrito food, but those big soft chunks are just too much sometimes.

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                      To bun or not to bun? This is what some people had to say in an earlier thread: